Buyers Guide

Today there are more types of Quadcopters being released than we can begin to imagine. Their newly released features and upgrades make these toys an attractive gift, gadget, or buy for just about anyone. Therefore, knowing where to start and which type of Quadcopter to buy is an important task while shopping for the best one possible.

So for anyone ready to take on the skies, I guess the only challenge might be, deciding on which drone you should buy. Below you will see our recommended list for choosing the right Quadrocopter that is in your budget range.

Best Drone For Beginners

I can still remember the first time I had flown my own drone. I fell in love on the spot. At the same time, I got my drone into a lot of accidents, making it all the more essential for me to choose a drone that was sturdy enough, it would survive.

As a beginner, we’ll need to find a drone that isn’t flimsy, and is set at a reasonable price (just in case we happen to lose it in a tree or something!). One of the best drones for beginners is the UDI U818A. These drones experience a range of great features and use very cheap spare parts in case anything goes wrong. It is set at $52.00 and is a great recommendation for those just getting started.

UDI U818A Picture & Review

Best Drone For Children

Hmm.. With fast moving objects, fast spinning blades, and possible sharp edges, I think its best to choose a mini-drone in this case. Didn’t know they had those? They do, and just happen to make the perfect gift for any child!

One of the best drones for children you just can’t go wrong with is the Rolling Spider Parrot. Unlike other more advanced drones that can only take to the outside skies, this sweet toy is able to fly indoors. Even better, is that they serve a dual function, and can drive on the ground as well.

Two small disadvantages here is that its attached camera is not capable of taking video, or performing tricks other drones are able to do. The other drawback is the child will need a smartphone or a tablet, to be able to drive the vehicle.

But, if this seems like a deal breaker already, check out Amazon’s 2nd Best Seller – that is, the Syma X5C; big, fast, sturdy, with lights that glow up, this one is definitely going to light up a smile on the face of your child, or anyone for that matter.

Syma X5C X5C-1 Review

While there are a lot of advantages that come with the Syma X5C, nothing beats its highly reasonable price for around $60. No wonder it’s so popular!

Drone Hobbyists

Experienced drone flyer are you? Sweet. Who doesn’t love a new drone every once in awhile? If you’re ready to begin flying and exploring new realms beyond your 100 feet of flying distance, check out the DJI Phantom. Named appropriately, this has a long life 25 minute battery and even its own remote controlled camera.

Phantom 2 Vision+ | DJI 2015


What makes this even more fun and impressive to show off, is your ability to plot out your own flight paths using your own tablet. But that’s not it. Its own return to home GPS feature, makes this even more attractive and certainly a toy you’ll want to take good care of. Only drawback here is the price. This company’s latest Phantom 2 Vision+ edition sells for $1,299, leaving some hobbyists wondering just how good this flying experience is.

Filmmakers & Photographers

If you’re using a drone for the photographic experience, I really can’t blame you. The views are unlike any other. No wonder people love posting their videos on youtube.. Today’s drone’s allow for a totally new photographic experience, allowing you to take shots that could have never been possible before.

IRIS+ - 3DRobotics Inc 2015


While most of today’s quadcopters include their own cameras, one of the best for professional photography is the 3D Robotics IRIS+. Priced at $750 with approximately 22 minutes of flying time, these cool gadgets are capable of actually trailing moving objects in the sky and going wherever you tell it to go!