Blade Pico QX Quadcopter Review

Blade Pico QX Quadcopter Review

Product Overview

Brand Name: Blade RCBlade Pico QX Drone Review

Model: Pico QX

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Flying Time: Approx. 7 Minutes

Flying Distance: Approx. 30 Meters

Where To Buy:


This miniature Blade Pico QX drone is a beautiful and sleek looking drone that has a nice black and white finish. Despite its attractive look however, the Blade Pico QX quad may not live up to the hype. For one, the material seems to be a bit on the cheaper end.. Not only on the drone itself, but the controller as well. For its reasonably low price however, the Blade Pico QX is still an enjoyable drone. And because of its small size has great maneuverability and is pretty easy to control.

Blade Pico QX Drone Review

Dimensions & Specifications

As previously mentioned, the Blade Pico QX is a small miniature drone. In-fact this model is the Blade company’s smallest heli drones to ever be released. So if you’re a big fan of Blade products, this is definitely a drone worth checking out. More specifically however, the drone comes in at just 5.2 x 3.1 inches wide and weighing in at only 9 ounces.

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Flight, Control, & Durability

The Blade Pico QX was made with simplicity inBlade Pico QX Drone Review mind. This drone can be charged using a simple USB from your own computer, which is fantastic. It’s flip mode functionality is great allowing you to flip your drone at the simple push of a button. But, unlike other drones, the Blade Pico QX is even capable of doing double flips.

On the other hand, the Blade Pico QX seems to be more of a beginner drone than anything. There isn’t really an expert flying mode. The power seems to be weaker than other drones on the market.

In addition, it only supports one mode of flying. It uses a SAFE stability mode that you can turn off, allowing you to flip the Pico manually, which is great. The flips itself are great and look awesome. One of the biggest disadvantages I found when flying the Blade Pico QX was its incapability of being able to fly outdoors. Any amount of wind will cease your control of the quadcopter.

When it comes to durability, the Blade Pico QX could definitely be a bit better. But despite that, its blades are protected by safeguards, which I found were very helpful.


Blade Pico QX Overview

I know many people are looking at the Blade Pico QX because of how great its other drones are, such as the Blade Nano QX. All in all, it is definitely still a great drone despite a few flaws and would categorize this one as being in the middle of the Nano QX and the original Proto X. It works great in open indoor settings and is fairly durable for its size. While it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features included in today’s more expensive drones, the Blade Pico QX is still a great drone at a great and very reasonable price!

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