Contixo F18 Quadcopter Drone Review


The sleek appearance of the Contixo F18 drone catches the eyes of many. It is not a large drone, but its features most certainly standout. Despite its average stature, one reason you will love the Contixo F18 quadcopter is because of the power and stability it maintains.

It’s a drone that ‘goes the distance’, responds to your every control, and handles itself well in windy weather. It is for these reasons, you owe it to yourself to check out the Contixo F18 drone. As we are about to see in the following Contixo F18 review, these are not the only noteworthy features to be mentioned.

Even those who only want a drone that can FPV stream and capture high-quality 1080P images from above will love the far-sighted GPS capabilities of the F18 drone. This is in additional thanks to its above-par camera coupled with its above average transmission distance and flight time.



Contixo F18 Quadcopter Review

Now let’s also see what comes inside the elaborate packaging of the Contixo F18:

  • Drone & transmitter.
  • 2100mAh Battery with charger.
  • Propeller blades with spares.
  • Mobile phone placeholder.
  • Water resistant carrying backpack.
  • User manual (with screws & screwdriver).

The battery included with the Contixo F18 is a 2100mAh high-capacity, rechargeable battery, graciously allowing for up to 16 minutes in flight time on a single battery charge. Spare batteries and propellers are available for those looking to increase flight duration.

Flight distance on the Contixo F18 is very long reaching up to 1-mile in transmission distance. The distance for WiFi transmission is limited to 1,640 feet, still long enough to fly in FPV at great heights and distances. The Contixo F18 is even VR compatible, though a VR headset is not included.

The specs on the Contixo F18 are great to say the least and is only complemented by its brushless motors adding a great sense of speed and agility to the drone. Thanks to its two-way 2.4GHz remote, you will find that the F18 is also very responsive even when at greater distances.

Installation of the F18 is easy and only requires you add the two ‘A’ blades in front and ‘B’ blades in the rear. After sliding in the battery and pairing your drone with the transmitter, a quick horizontal and vertical calibration is needed. Once that’s finished, you’re ready to go!



Contixo F18 CameraWhat more is there to love about the Contixo F18 drone? Well how about a crystal clear FPV mode for starters. Thanks to the drones 5G WiFi compatibility, users should see almost no latency while transmitting real time images.

Similar to other Contixo drones, we’ll also find that the Contixo F18 utilizes a built-in 1080P camera located at the face of the drone. What we’ll find is that the drone is still somehow able to produce really great looking images and video.

In-fact, you’ll be surprised at the clarity of these images, even when taken from far away. The drone is further coupled with altitude hold mode to help you take a more clear and steady shot.



Many will find that in addition to Contixo F18’s strong performance and stability, are its noteworthy features that do come in abundance. This is perhaps a result of the F18’s higher price point, but certainly makes it one of this year’s more stand-out quadcopters.

Contixo F18 Drone ReviewOne of the very first features on the Contixo F18 is geared towards beginners or those who just want an easier time when flying. As you may know, the feature being referred to is headless mode, which is particularly useful to everyone who plans on flying their drone from further away distances.

This way the drone’s orientation should never be a problem especially if your drone is a mile in the sky. A nice thing about this mode is also your ability to fly the drone back to you by simply pushing down on the control stick.

One thing you’ll notice about the Contixo F18 are its bright and elaborate nighttime LED lights located under each propeller. It really makes the drone a sight to see in the nighttime. Its 6-axis gyro further helps the drone fly better in windy conditions, which the F18 quadcopter seems to excel at.

The F18’s four brushless motors on the other hand, are what gives this drone power, speed, and agility, and make it super responsive to your controls. Brushless motors are usually preferred to non-brushless and are almost always used in racing drones, giving way to better drone speed and acceleration. This is why we’ll also see safety features included within the F18 such as high-temperature control and built-in lock protection as a result of higher energy use.

In addition to speed, the F18 is capable of maintaining super high altitudes and distances with its remote control transmission extending up to a mile or more. Flight of the F18 is further complemented by one key take-offs, landings, and altitude hold allowing the drone to fly & hover on its own.

More advanced features on the Contixo F18 include advanced GPS assistance, allowing for better drone location and precision. This is accompanied by key features like return to home and low voltage return to prevent loss. It’s especially important given the drones long transmission range.

Other things to note include the Contixo F18’s transmitter, which allows for four throttle control modes to choose from. On the transmitter, you can easily switch on GPS assistance to view the altitude and distance of your drone.



  • Built-in 1080P HD Camera (1920 x 1080) with real-time 5G WiFi FPV & Live Video Transmission.
  • Brushless Motors for better speed, acceleration, & performance. 6-Axis Gyroscope allowing for stable flight.
  • Altitude Hold Mode, allowing drone to hover on its own. Headless Mode, for beginners & proper drone orientation. VR Headset Compatibility for additional FPV.
  • One Key Return & Takeoffs, for better safety. Ultra-Bright LED Lights for nighttime flight.
  • GPS Assisted flight to prevent loss of drone, with additional safety features and measures.
  • Longer than average distance and flight-time. 1-mile RC distance, 1,640 ft. Wifi transmission, & 16-minutes in flight time.



If you’ve had the idea of brushless motors for awhile now and want a drone that is speedy, agile, and with great stability, then perhaps it’s time to give the Contixo F18 a try. It’s got many great features for its price point and comes with a good array of accessories parts, including a nice carrying bag to go with it.

What’s more is that the F18’s speed is accompanied by very long distances, making way to advanced fliers looking to get a nice handle on flying in FPV. Thanks to the drones GPS-assisted flight, you can always call the drone back to you if it ever flies to the point where you can’t see it.. Just make sure you know how to use it!

All in all the Contixo F18 is a lovely, but deceptively powerful drone that you’re sure to enjoy. Its longer than average 16 minutes of flight time will perhaps allow you to enjoy this quad even more!


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