Ei-Hi S911C Huge RC Quadcopter UFO Review

Ei-Hi S911C Huge Quadcopter UFO Review

Product Description

Brand Name: Ei-Hi RC

Model: S911C Ei-Hi S911C Huge 2.4GHz 6.5 Channel 6 Axis Gyro LED Light RC Quadcopter UFO with Camera Review

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Flying Time: 6 to 9 Minutes

Flying Distance: Approx. 30 Meters

Where To Buy: Amazon.com



The Ei-Hi RC quadcopter is one of the largest drones I have reviewed on the market today. The benefit of its larger size is its ability to sustain crashes, especially if the landings are a bit rough. Other benefits include its great quality material and protective foam layer. Something I now find to be a near necessity for most quadcopters today.

The disadvantage however, is its inability to maneuver as well as other smaller quadcopters. On the other hand, the Ei-Hi S911C is easy to fly and has a great auto stabilization feature, making this a worthwhile drone in terms of both your money and time.

When it comes to most quadcopters, you usually find a feature or certain aspect that is lacking in quality.. For example, many quadcopters I review may tend to have poor controls, or the machine is not responsive.

Maybe the quadcopter isn’t very stable and easily crashes and breaks on a landing. Or maybe, the quadcopter just isn’t great altogether. Well when it comes to the Ei-Hi RC, I can honestly say it is a great flying drone with all the necessary features needed for a great flying experience. While there are a few disadvantages when it comes to the Ei-Hi RC,  they are not enough to change the all around experience you’re going to have with this quadcopter.


Dimensions & Specifications

The most unique aspect of the Ei-Hi S911C drone is its large size. In-fact it’s so big the Ei-Hi company actually called this the “Ei-Hi S911C Huge Quadcopter UFO.” The drone is almost 2 feet long and wide coming in at 21 x 21 inches and weighing in at 3.4 pounds.

 Ei-Hi S911C Huge 2.4GHz 6.5 Channel 6 Axis Gyro LED Light RC Quadcopter UFO with Camera Review

But despite its size, its flying time and distance are still spot on average. And yet, its charging time can take as long as twice as some quadcopters taking close to 2 hours. In terms of flying distance, the Ei-Hi S911C can be flown from 30 meters away, which is great and the average flying time can reach up to 9 minutes.

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Camera & Video

The Ei-Hi S911C camera is capable of both recording and taking still images with a resolution of 1280 x 960. It comes with a nice sized 2GB memory card, which you can expand down the line to 32GB. The biggest disadvantage here is that the Ei-Hi RC’s camera does not take high-definition video’s are images. Despite not being able to take the perfect HD image, the camera still worked out great with the images being a bit fuzzy but not bad at all.


Flight, Controls, & Durability

As expected, the Ei-Hi S991C is not capable of flying indoors due to its larger size. But, when it comes to flying outdoors the Ei-Hi S911C was a blast. The controls, features, and sturdiness all worked together to make this a nearly flawless experience. There is nothing  Ei-Hi S911C Huge 2.4GHz 6.5 Channel 6 Axis Gyro LED Light RC Quadcopter UFO with Camera Reviewlike being able to crash a countless number of times without having to worry about a broken propellor. Even better, is despite the occasional wind, the Ei-Hi drone was still responsive and it felt great to be in control.

Last but not least, the Ei-Hi S911C has two great features you usually don’t see in cheaper drones on the market. One of the reasons the Ei-Hi drone is so popular and well-rated is its FPV feature. FPV stands for first person view allowing you to fly this drone no matter where you are. Meaning you can fly the Ei-Hi drone by using its real-time camera, made possible by the remote control’s camera.

The second awesome feature is its auto stabilization feature allowing you to stabilize the drone if for any reason you feel you’re losing control while in the air. This allows for the drone to get back into proper positioning. In addition, this drone can be flown in 3 different modes. From beginner, to intermediate, to expert, the Ei-Hi S911C is a great drone for both beginners and experts!


Product Features Summary

  • Uses a 6 axis gyro system
  • FPV (first person view) Camera
  • Auto stabilization feature allowing for proper positioning.
  • Various control capability: 4-way flips with “roll” button feature


Ei-Hi S911C Overview

The Ei-Hi S911C drone has many capabilities and features that’s made this drone an attractive buy for individuals. It exceeds in many aspects. From features like FPV or first person view to its durability to its flying ability, the Ei-Hi S911C comes highly recommended. Despite the cameras inability to record HD images and videos is almost to be expected in a drone in this price range. But it can be a great disadvantage as all of its other features tend to remain above par making this drone very reliable, and very efficient.

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