Force 1’s U818A FPV WiFi Drone Review (With VR Headset!)

Product Dimensions

Brand Name: Force 1U818A Review - Force 1

Model: U818A WiFi Fpv

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Flying Time: 7 to 9 minutes (approximately)

Flying Distance: 328 feet (approximately)

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Here at QuadFlying, we recently reviewed the U45 Blue Jay which we absolutely loved on so many levels! Its wide array of features and the inclusion of Force 1’s 720p high definition camera, made the U45 Blue Jay an amazing drone for its price. That’s why today, we wanted to take a look at another awesome drone in Force 1’s lineup, called the U818A Wi-Fi FPV Drone.

This isn’t to be confused with UDI’s U818A however. This is a drone that holds many similarities to the U45 Blue Jay, in terms of its features. But there was one key, notable difference between the two and that is that the U818A drone has a UFO shape to it, similar to UDI’s U818A.

Specs & Dimensions

In terms of its width, length and height, the U45 Blue Jay and U818A are almost equivalent. The main difference is that the actual shape of the U818A is very different, with the actual drone being enclosed and surrounded by its 4 guarded propellers. Its exact measurements are 14.4 inches in length, 13.8 inches in width, and 4 inches in height.

The weight of Force 1’s U818A drone is 5.4 ounces, meaning that it does not need to be registered with the FAA. That means anyone interested in the U818A can simply fly it out of the box without any problems!


U818A Review - Force 1

Flight, Control, & Features

Drone VR CompatibilityForce 1’s U818A is jam-packed with amazing features that both beginners and advanced flyers will enjoy. One of the most amazing features of the U818A is its VR Headset compatibility. This is an amazing new feature that we have yet to see used in most of today’s quadcopters.

The best part of all though is that the VR Headset is actually included with U818A drone. How amazing! This will allow you to completely immerse yourself when flying the Force 1 U818A, surrounding yourself with the exact views and imagery of the drone itself.

We haven’t seen anything this technologically advanced in any drone of this price. That’s why we are obsessed with both the U818A and U45 Blue Jay drones. While we personally loved the shape of the U45 Blue Jay drone over that of the U818A, we know many of you ‘UFO’ lovers will love the way this flies as well.

Aside from its amazing WiFi FPV & VR compatibility, there are features in the U45 Blue Jay and U818A that will make flying for beginners a breeze. Headless Mode, being one of the most important key features, will allow you to fly your quadcopter without ever having to worry over the orientation your quadcopter is in.

The one-button take off and landing will allow you to easily fly and land your drone, minimizing any potential crashes. Add a custom flight route mode and an Altitude Hold Function that allows your quadcopter to simply hover on its own in the air, and we have another drone winner for the year.

When it comes to flying time and distance, the U818A performs exceptionally well. Most users are able to fly up to 7 to 9 minutes without any problems and some have even reported, that without using the camera, this flying time can be extended even longer.

More importantly though is that the Force 1 U818A FPV drone includes an external, portable power bank along with its two 3.7V 700 mAh LiPo batteries. Honestly, I haven’t seen a package more convenient than this. With the portable bank, you’ll be allowed to wireless charge one battery, while the other one is in use. Win-win!

The range of the transmission and drone itself can reach approximately 328 feet, which we’d say is right on par with most drones of this price. It’s definitely a very solid range that will allow you to reach heights you may have never imagined. 🙂

2MP Camera

Even with all these jam-packed features, we still have another awesome aspect to look forward to, and that is its 720p HD camera. Although, the U818A isn’t capable of taking shots at a 1080p or 4k resolution, the 720p camera will give you just what you need to take those amazing shots and videos from above at just enough clarity.

Its built in 2MP camera will allow you to take your shots at a 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 FPS (frame rates per second), which is simply wonderful. We are also given a 4GB SD Card, which can be used to save all your aerial footage. The most important feature with the camera though is that it can be used in sync with a VR headset or with your transmission to watch the video feed live right from your iPhone or Android, using its WiFi FPV feature.



  • VR Headset Compatibility (with included headset)
  • WiFi FPV (with iPhones & Androids)
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Headless Mode
  • Custom Flight Route Mode
  • One-Button Takeoff & Landing
  • Long Flight Times (w/ spare battery & portable bank)
  • Beginner Friendly!



  • Only capable of taking 720p footage.
  • Flight time could be a little longer.

Force 1 U818A Drone Overview!

When it comes to the Force 1 U818A drone, it includes more than just the basics and more than we could ever ask for. This deal is almost unlike any other I’ve seen to date. This package doesn’t only include a drone with a perfectly acceptable camera and transmitter, but comes with a spare battery, power bank, an awesome LCD controller you can attach your smartphone too, and most importantly, your own VR headset. This and the U45 Blue Jay drone are possibly some of the best options to experience your drone in first person view, if you haven’t already.

Everything else and all the other included features are just icing on the cake. While the U818A might not be the next Parrot Bepop or DJI Phantom, it should certainly be considered a highly advanced drone that is perfect for both beginners and hobbyists who will enjoy taking this out for a spin and making use of its awesome WiFi FPV capabilities.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the Force 1 U818A. Please, if you have any comments or questions, leave them below. We’ll be more than glad to help! 🙂

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