GoolRC T47 Drone Review

GoolRC T47 Introduction

One drone people have come to absolutely love and cherish is the GoolRC T47 drone. In this post, we cover all the technical details you need to know about this drone and what it is that sets the GoolrC T47 drone apart. But before we do, some words that can be used to describe the T47 drone is simple, shiny, elegant, red, fold-able, and durable.

In other words, the GoolRC T47 is a conveniently affordable drone that offers an easy and seamless flying experience that can be carried around with you anywhere. From the outside, you might think the drone looked like a power bank given its sleek appearance. You have a power button at the very front accompanied by the battery at the bottom of the drone.

Its four-winged propellors fold into the drone itself, giving way to the drone’s amazing design. You might not have known this, but the T47 even offers brushless motors, improving the drones flight as a whole. The specs and details of the GoolRC T47 will also give you even more reason to love this drone, as we’ll be seeing next.

GoolRC T47 Review


Specs & Dimensions

The GoolRC T47 is not a large drone by any means and potentially small enough to be flown both indoors and outdoors. When unfolded, the Gool T47 measures at 7″ x 7″ x 1.2″. Its folded measurements are 5.7″ x 2.6″ x 1.2″. As you can see, the size of the GoolRC T47 is smaller than average and a good option for a drone you can easily carry around. It also only weights about .2 pounds so it’s very light.

The drone’s maximum control distance is about 80 meters and has a 30 meter FPV distance. Total flight time of the GoolrC T47 is about 8 minutes and can be easily extended by having some spare GoolRC batteries on hand. The drone also has a relatively low charge time of just 70 minutes.

GoolRC T47 Drone Review


What’s Included With The GoolRC T47?

Here you’ll see everything included with the GoolRC T47 quadcopter. One of the nice accessories that comes with the drone is a shiny zippered case that allows you to take the folded up drone with you anywhere. This will also keep your drone and transmitter safe and sound.

  • GoolRC T47 Drone.
  • One-handed Transmitter.
  • Carrying Case.
  • USB Charging Cable.
  • One 3.7V 500mAh Battery.
  • Eight Propellors.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Instruction Manual.

Everything needed to fly the GoolRC T47 is included with the exception of two AAA batteries needed for the one-handed controller.

GoolRC T47 Review


Flying & Features

Perhaps one of the best features of the GoolRC T47 drone is the fact it uses brushless motors. This allows for much greater power, speed, and responsiveness and could just be one reason why this drone is so loved. The other thing to keep in mind is that the drone uses a one-handed controller, so make sure that this is something you prefer.

Individuals love using its one-handed controller because of how easy and straight-forward it is to fly. The drone also has some really great blue and red LED lights that can be turned on for night-time flying and blink whenever you pair the controller with the drone.

On the controller of the GoolRC T47, you have seven functions in total. These include one button for selection a low or high speed mode. You also have the one joystick in the middle of the remote control used to ascend, descend, turn left, or turn right. These control the drone’s altitude.

Now to move the drone forward or backward, you need to physically tip the joystick. You also have the option of flying with your phone, as well as an option to fly with gravity sensor on, which allows the flier to fly the drone by physically tilting or moving their smartphone.

You have four directional buttons below the joystick. One of these buttons is used to turn on and off headless mode. Another is used to calibrate the drone. The other two are used for emergency stops and to turn on and off the drone’s LED lights. Lastly, you have a small on/off power switch located on the left side of the transmitter. As you can see, everything here is kept very simple, which makes this drone a really great option for beginners as well.

In addition to all these wonderful features is the GoolRC T47’s 720p HD camera allowing you to shoot images and videos from above. Its FPV function, or first person view mode, further allows you to fly the quadcopter right from your smartphone itself, seeing exactly what the quadcopter sees.

Using a smartphone is necessary when flying in FPV and isn’t used in sync with the transmitter, as seen with other quadcopters. The GoolRC T47 is also accompanied by one key takeoffs and landings and an altitude hold mode, allowing you to let your quadcopter hover on its own. All in all, the T47 by GoolRC is a pretty feature-intensive drone at its great price.GoolRC T47 Drone Features


Pros Of The GoolRC T47:

  • Offers an excellent, compact, and fold-able design.
  • Has a really great shiny, red metallic appearance to it.
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy portability.
  • Its one-handed transmitter offers something new & refreshing.
  • Everything needed to fly is included, with the exception of triple A batteries.
  • Offers headless mode, altitude hold, and one key takeoffs and landings.
  • The drone and its transmitter are easy to use and understand.
  • Offers G-sensor control for both transmitter and smartphone.
  • Brushless motors offers improved speed, power, and reliability.
  • Comes with a 720P HD camera and an FPV mode using your smartphone.


GoolRC T47 Drone Recap

The GoolRC T47 drone offers so much at its price. It’s no wonder this drone is loved by so many and is flown by both beginners and enthusiasts alike. Nothing is better than a drone that can handle itself in the air. Thanks to brushless motors, the ante on the GoolRC T47 is only improved.

Not to mention the many features this drone has going for it, along with its fold-able nature. It just makes you wonder how drones like the ones by GoolRC improve year after year. Continually, we see more and more value being added to drones just like the T47, making way for better drones now and in the future. Thus, the GoolRC T47 is by no means an exception and one of the better drone’s worth your attention.


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