GordVE RC Foldable Drone Review


The GordVE RC foldable drone is a fantastic drone with fantastic features. It’s a drone that goes the extra mile for what it offers at its affordably low price. But it also flies great too, both inside and outside. Whether you’re looking to just have some fun, take some great HD videos, or perfect your own quadflying skills, the GordVE RC drone is a great choice.

It comes out on top for its sleek design, easy portability, and above-par features. It’s a drone that can be carried anywhere, thanks to its convenient fold-able design. Something not apparent just a few years ago. Thanks to our progressive technology, better features at lower can now be found in drones, as exemplified in the GordVE RC drone.

GordVE Foldable Drone Review


Specs & Dimensions

For some of you, the size of your drone might not make a difference. But for others, the drone’s size might play a role in your decision-making process. The GordVE RC is not considered a large drone, but isn’t too small either. We would say it’s just average and even suitable for indoor and outdoor flight.

Another advantage of its average measurement is that it’s such a breeze to carry around and is what we’d like to call, convenient. Exact dimension of the GordVE quadcopter is 12.8″ x 12.8″ x 2.4″. When it’s folded, the GordVE measures at 7″ x 5″ x 2.4″. The drone does not to be FAA registered since it only weighs 0.3 pounds.

The specs of the GordVE are very impressive. We haven’t seen much like it at this price, but this drone can fly up to almost 15 minutes on a single-charged battery. It also has a very low charge time of one-hour. The flight time can be easily doubled by purchasing some spare GordVE batteries!


What’s Included?

The GordVE RC drone includes everything you need to start flying out the box. Below, we have listed some of the accessories and content you can expect with the GordVE drone.

  • One GordVE Quadcopter.
  • One 3.7V 900mAh Li-Po Battery.
  • One Charger Cable.
  • One Transmitter.
  • Smartphone Placeholder.
  • Eight Drone Propellers.
  • Four Propeller Guards.
  • Screwdriver.
  • User Manual.

The only extra accessories you will need on hand to begin flying are some double AA batteries for the remote control. Spare batteries for the drone can also be purchased separately.

GordVE Drone Transmitter


Flying & Features

The GordVE doesn’t hold back when it comes to features, especially given its price. It’s impressive to see how this drone includes all the right things. Some features to expect are a 720p HD camera, FPV mode, headless mode, custom route mode, automatic return, and gravity sensing.

We go over the details of each feature included with the GordVE quadcopter below. On top of GordVE’s excellent flight time and transmission range, the GordVE excels in regards to everything else it offers. It also has some great LED lights attached as well for the occasional night-time flight!

Headless Mode – First feature we want to mention is headless mode and that’s because of how important it is for the beginning flier. Even for those who have flown a quadcopter before, headless mode is always a good feature to have. That’s because it allows you to fly your quadcopter without having to worry about its orientation. This makes flying much more straight-forward and an ideal drone for beginners.

Altitude Hold – The next feature, which works exceptionally well when trying to take a video or image is altitude hold. This mode allows the drone to hover steadily at a set altitude without you having to do anything. So if you want to go inside and get a drink, that’s fine too. But we don’t usually recommend it. It is nevertheless a great feature to have when trying to work the camera on the GordVE.

One-Key Automatic Return – This lovely feature will help prevent you from losing your GordVE drone. With just one push of a button, you can have your drone flying right back from where it took off. This one-key feature is further accompanied by one-key takeoffs and landings as well.

FPV Mode – Now for one of your favorites, the GordVE thankfully has a first-person view mode, which you can use with your mobile smartphone, iPad, or even a VR headset. This will allow you to see everything that your drone is seeing, while allowing you to perform 360-eversions, take videos, snapshots, and whatever else your heart desires. The FPV mode is further accompanied by a 720p HD, 2 MP camera, which shines thanks to its 120-degree wide angle view, capturing everything in sight!

Customized Flight Mode – If you’ve ever wanted to draw your own flight track and see your drone fly that route in action, now you can. With the GordVE, all you need to do is draw your flight path right on the screen your smartphone. In addition, you can actually also fly your drone with your smartphone with its advanced gravity sensor mode!

GordVE Gravity Sensor Mode


GordVE Quadcopter Overview

The GordVE drone is a drone we would call quite exceptional. This is because it not only does includes many awesome features we could ask for, but because it offers extra long flight time in the air with a very low charge time per battery. This all plays into the convenience of flying the drone.

We also love the fact this drone can really fold itself together for easy portability, allowing you to carry the GordVE in the very palm of your hands. Thus, its intuitive design, long flight time, and abundance of features, only ups the ante among competitors as the GordVE leaves nothing out in regards to its final build and quality.


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