Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone Review

Product Description

Brand: Holy StoneHoly Stone F181 Review

Model: F181

Gyro: 6-axis

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Flying Time: 7 to 9 minutes

Flying Distance: 50 to 100 meters

Where To Buy: Amazon.com



The Holy Stone F181 quadcopter is a drone that just feels right in so many ways. Everything about this drone from its size to its features and included camera make the F181 drone an amazing value for its price. Despite a somewhat shorter flying time and distance, the Holy Stone F181 provides two additional batteries to replace when you please, allowing you to extend your airtime even further.

One thing you’ll love about the Holy Stone F181 is its overall design. Its all-black exterior and use of LED lights at the front of the drone and underneath the propellers really makes it stand out as a high-tech gadget that you’ll want to show off. Holy Stone really is one of those brands you can’t go wrong with, constantly making new innovations and updates to their drones. Just take a look at the Holy Stone F180 and you will truly see how far they’ve come. Each and every year, these drones become improved upon drastically as is apparent by the Holy Stone F181 quadcopter.


Specs & Dimensions

One of the reasons I love Holy Stone is because they always stick to a great size. Unlike Syma, who is well-known for making some of the larger quadcopters on the market such as the Syma X6 Super Ship and Syma X8g, Holy Stone tends to stick to a very modest size.

You can see just how average in size the Holy Stone F181’s dimensions are, measuring in at 12.2″ in length, 12.2″ in width, and 3.5″ in height. The weight of the quadcopter also comes in at less than half a pound. It has a 7 to 9 minute flying time and 50 to 100 meter flying distance, which is solid given the price of the F181 drone. One other very important thing to note is that the charge time for a battery is just a little bit over an hour (80 minutes to be exact), whereas the Syma X8g has a 200 minute charging time!

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2MP Camera

The Holy Stone F181 is even equipped with its own 2 megapixel camera, capable of 1280 x 720 picture resolution, shot at 30 frame rates per second. The camera on the Holy Stone F181 is far from the best and does not even have WiFi FPV capability. The Syma X8g on the other hand, which I found to be the equivalent to the Holy Stone F181 in regards to price & quality has an amazing 8MP camera, but trades off many essential features, which the F181 includes. So overall, we prefer the F181 drone, but if you’re looking for a drone that can take some amazing shots with both 720p and 1080p capability, you’ll want to check out the Syma X8 Series. Otherwise, stay tuned for the features we’re about to cover below on the Holy Stone F181 drone, which makes it the all-around awesome drone that it is at this price range!


Flight, Features, & Controls

The Holy Stone F181 incluHoly Stone F181 Transmissiondes all the features needed to make this a suitable drone for beginners, experts, and hobbyists, with the exception of Wifi FPV capability. What the F181 does have is the necessary headless mode allowing users to fly without ever having to worry about the orientation of their quadcopter. This is why you’ll find the propellers on the Holy Stone F181 are not color coded, but are all black.

In addition to headless mode, we have one of my favorite features, which is the altitude hold mode, which is the perfect mode for taking still images and videos from the sky. This mode will allow your quadcopter to hover in the air at whatever height you choose. It’s also got a one-key return feature, which will have your quadcopter flying back to you at the push of a button; a feature which would have been great to see included in the Syma X8g.

Performing 360 degree tricks and rolls is also very easy to do with the Holy Stone F181 and can be also done at the single push of a button. One thing to note about the Holy Stone F181 is that it does not perform well in windy weather due to its size and weight. It’s a great quadcopter nevertheless, that I believe is worth your time and attention. As long as you’re not looking for a quadcopter that can take amazing 1080p and 4K shots, you will love the Holy Stone F181. It’s a great starter drone with some great features at a great price!

Pros Of The Holy Stone F181

    Excellent exterior and design with use of LED lights.
    Includes a 2MP Camera.Headless & Altitude Hold Mode.
    One-Key Return Feature.360-degree tricks and rolls.
    Includes 2 spare batteries.
    Battery charge time is only 80 minutes.
    Can be flown indoors, outdoors, and at night!

Cons Of The Holy Stone F181

    Shorter flying time and distance, expected at this price.
    Doesn’t perform well in windy weather.
    No WiFi FPV Capability.
    No auto-take offs and landing.


Holy Stone F181 Drone Overview

If you’re a beginner looking for a solid drone at an amazing price, the Holy Stone F181 is definitely one to consider. Your choice will however, depend on the features you’re looking for. If WiFi FPV capability for example, is a big deal for you or something you’ve been wanting to try out for awhile now, there are other drones you should also check out. Drone’s like the U45 Blue Jay and Force1 U818A, for example, are not only capable of WiFi FPV live transmission, but are even VR headset compatible. Another great alternative made by holy stone itself is the Holy Stone HS110 with FPV!

Every drone has its pros and cons, and overall we’d just like to say that you really can’t go wrong with the Holy Stone F181. As long as you’re not looking for FPV, then you’ll love the F181 drone. It’s an appealing drone overall with the right amount of features and a good enough camera to get those shots at a moderate 100 Meter range.

More importantly is that the drone includes spare batteries for that extra flight time, headless mode, altitude mode, and the essential one-key return feature so your drone never gets lost in the air! 🙂

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  1. The Holy Stone F181 is a must-have if you are into night flying like me. Just make sure those strong LEDs will not scare the neighbors 🙂

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