Holy Stone HS110 FPV Drone Review – Simply Amazing!

Product Description

Brand: Holy StoneHoly Stone Drone Review

Model: HS110

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Flying Time: 7 to 9 Minutes

Flying Distance: 100 to 120 Meters

Where To Buy: Amazon.com


Holy Stone HS110 Introduction

There’s no question that the Holy Stone brand has truly evolved over recent years, offering better, cheaper, and more feature filled drones than ever before. Their latest HS110 FPV drone addition is no exception to the rule offering more style and capabilities than we could’ve imagined.

The Holy Stone HS110 quadcopter is thus, a fully equipped drone that has everything we could ask for at a very solid price. It’s the drones range of features, inclusion of a 720P camera, and ultimate focus on making this a drone for beginners to experts alike that make flying the Holy Stone HS110 a highly enjoyable and uncompromisable experience.

Holy Stone HS110’s included features make this a drone, very similar, to the U45 Blue Jay. Whether or not you’ve heard of the U45 Blue Jay, both quadcopters look very similar and include the desirable Altitude Hold Function, 720p camera with FPV capability, Headless Mode, and One Button Take OFF/Landing.

In-fact these two drones couldn’t feel more alike. While there are certainly some key differences to note such as the HS110’s 4-speed variable adjustment and gravity mode sensor, they are just about similar in every other aspect. Even the 7 to 9 minute flying time and 100 to 120 meter range on the transmission are almost identical!

The one thing that the U45 Blue Jay has, but the HS110 does not, is its VR Headset Capability, which even though is a very cool, new, and innovative feature, shouldn’t make a difference to those who don’t yet have a VR Headset anyway. Nonetheless, the features, the flying, and the overall build and quality of the Holy Stone HS110 Drones easily makes this one of the best drones you can buy, train with, and enjoy at this price range.


Dimensions & Specifications

The Holy Stone HS110 is just an inch or two smaller than the U45 Blue Jay. Exact measurements are 12.6 inches in length and width and 2.6 inches in height. Due to its small 108 grams in weight, the Holy Stone HS110 does not require FAA registration. The total battery charging time on the HS110 is 60 minutes and is capable of flying up to 7 to 9 minutes for each charge. While the set only includes one 3.7V 650mAh LiPo Battery, additional batteries can be purchased for extra flying time.


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HS110 Camera

Unlike many other high end models, the HS110 is not capable of recording video or images in 1080p or 4k. But it does come with a very modest 720p camera that is capable of producing both images and video at a 1280 x 720 resolution. This is very similar to what the U45 Blue Jay drone offers. We’re also given a 4GB micro SD card to record all our media.

Perhaps the most important of feature of the HS110’s drone and camera is its FPV real-time transition. This growing popular feature gives you a first person point of view so you can see exactly what the drone is seeing.

This feature is used to greatly enhance your flying of the HS110 drone and allow you to take better control of the images and videos taken with your drone’s camera. For FPV capability, you can use either your iPhone’s iOS or Android smartphone to pair with your HS110 drone allowing you to stream both live video and images.

Holy Stone HS110 Review


Flying, Controls, & Durability


There is truly a wide variety of features in the Holy Stone HS110 that makes it a bang for your buck! One of my personal favorites is the Altitude Hold function that allows you to simply let your quadcopter hover in the air.

This is useful for planning and/or taking images and videos, while your drone automatically rests in the sky. You can further position your drone exactly the way you want by using the accelerator joystick to ascend and descend the drone to your liking. This is perfect for helping to steady the camera, while you take some amazing imagery and shots from above.

When it comes to HS110’s actual flying, it’s the wide range of features that make this a quadcopter that beginners don’t need to shy away from. Features like the Headless Mode, allowing you to fly without having to worry about its position or orientation is one of the most important key features for any drone flying beginner. The incorporation of a 4-speed adjustment also makes the Holy Stone HS110 drone an excellent choice for the more advanced user.

Beginners will also enjoy making use of its one-button take off landing function making take offs and landing a total breeze. This is the perfect solution for individuals worried about not being able to land the drone properly. While the HS110 isn’t a drone I’d recommend flying indoors, use of a well-equipped lighting system and LED navigation lights make the drone perfect for night-time flight.

The one feature that may be separating the Holy Stone HS110 from the U45 Blue Jay in terms of overall quality is HS110’s Return Home Function. We rarely ever see a feature liked that being offered at this price, allowing your drone to find its way back to you at the push of a button. There isn’t a better feature like this for beginners who are worried they’ve lost control of their drone.


Holy Stone HS110 Overview

With amazingly fast speeds and a good range of 4 speed adjustments to choose from, the Holy Stone HS110 is an ideal drone for beginners and experts alike. The one exception to this is professional photographers. If you’re looking at taking some of the best shots or videos from the air, there are definitely some better (but pricier) quadcopters you can look into.

Nevertheless, the 720p camera and use of 1280 x 720 resolution is amazing for this price. Not to mention the absolute endless amount of features in the Holy Stone HS110, such as the Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and Return Home Function. The Holy Stone HS110 is a drone you surely won’t go wrong with and is especially a great mid-entry solution for beginners looking to get their hands on some of the more advanced features 🙂

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