Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone Review


Product Description

Brand: Holy StoneHoly Stone HS170 Review

Model: HS170 Predator

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-Axis

Flying Time: 6-8 Minutes

Flying Distance: 30 to 50 Meters

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Remember when you thought driving was fun? Well thanks to todays amazing innovations, we now have some of the most high-quality and inexpensive drones we can fly. Quadcopters like the HS170 Predator might not be the most top of the line quadcopter, but it does exactly what it was made to do.

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone is one of todays best-selling mini drones for good reason. Its colorful led lights illuminate the sky like never before, making it capable of both daytime and night-time flight. It wasn’t only made to be flown outdoors though, but indoors as a well. Its a drone that is suitable for both beginners and hobbyists alike. If the Holy Stone HS170 isn’t yet in your collection, now is the time to get one.

Despite the absence of an integrated camera, the Holy Stone HS170 Predator has a number of features going for it that’s helped make this one of the most favorited mini drones of the year. Its wind-resistant nature and use of a headless flight system that allows you to properly orient the quadcopter, while in the air, gives your flight much added enjoyment. This isn’t just a quadcopter made for you to enjoy however, but one also made to last!


Dimensions & Specifications

Before getting into the true and finer details of what the HS170 is capable of, lets cover the specs of the Holy Stone HS170 first. It’s a given that the HS170 Predator is a very small drone.. But just how small? Well to be exact, the HS170 quadcopter measures in at just 5.3 inches in width and length and measuring 1.3 inches in diameter. This is a drone that can easily be picked up with a single hand.

Holy Stone Predator Drone Review

The drone as a whole, weighs less than half of a pound, showcasing how small this quadcopter truly is. Despite its small size though, the HS170 still has a moderate 30 to 50 meter flying range and a flying time of 6 to 8 minutes, which isn’t bad at all. While we could have hoped for longer range, the HS170 still performs to most user expectations. More importantly is that a shorter flying range should be preferred by beginners who feel the need to be in better control of their drone at smaller ranges. That’s why the HS170 Predator is preferred by many as a way to train their skills.

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Flight, Controls, & Durability

The Holy Stone HS170 is very reminiscent of the Eachine H8 Mini Quadcopter, both of which, make great use of a Headless Mode. This mode is especially important for beginners still learning to fly and need better control over their quadcopter.

This will help you to not only improve your flying skills faster and become increasingly proficient, but will keep you from having to worry over the orientation when its a distance away from you. In other words, when the headless mode is turned on, there is no difference between the front and back of your drone, greatly simplifying user controls.

When you want to fly the drone up, it goes up. When you want to turn left, it goes left. Without the Headless Mode, you’d need to constantly be aware of the direction in which your drone is facing. 

Holy Stone Predator Review

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone is further capable of handling blazing fast speeds in the air. As a beginner, it’s always important you start as slow as possible and move up in speed only when you feel ready. With the HS170 Drone, you’ll have three various speed modes you can choose from with the third speed mode used for the best and most experienced drone pilots out there.

Just like the Eachine H8 and other similar quadcopters, the Holy Stone HS170 will provide you with a very stable time in the air by making use of its 6-axis gyro stabilization system. Equally as important is the fact you’ll be able to do plenty of 360-degree flips and rolls while in the air, in nearly any direction.

Holy Stone HS170 Features Summary

  • Capable of both indoor and outdoor flight.
  • Can be flown during the day and night with use of its LED lights.
  • Great control capability with use of a 6-axis gyro stabilization system.
  • Above average wind-resistance.
  • 3 various speed modes.
  • Makes effective use of a Headless Mode for easier and more simplified flying.


Holy Stone HS170 Overview

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone is one of todays best-selling mini drones you can buy. Each HS170 packages is fully included with a HS170 quadcopter, a 2.4 Ghz controller, a USB charging cable, and one 3.7V 350mAh Li-Ion battery. This includes everything you need to get your Holy Stone HS170 flying in the air, as soon as possible.

But if you want to add more length to your flying time, we also recommend getting some additional batteries. This will certainly further help to enhance your experience with the HS170 Predator, which we highly recommend for its ease of us, outward appeal, and overall reliability.

For its price, the Holy Stone HS170 delivers plenty of value that shouldn’t go amiss!

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Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone? If so, you’re more than welcome to leave them down below? Have a great day 🙂

10 Comments on "Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone Review"

  1. This is a completely great guide, do you know where I can get information about the FAA for which kind of drones you have to register?

    The predator is a beast I really love that drone, and recommend it, I love how fast it flies and the spin and stunts, amazing drone!

    Thank You,


    • Yes, no problem! You can get more information on which drones to register with the FAA here – https://registermyuas.faa.gov/

      The process is very easy and since the Holy Stone HS170 weighs less than .5 pounds, it does not need to be registered with the FAA. But definitely check out the page either way!

  2. Drones are so cool!

    I am still roaming the internet to see what type of drone i should start with.
    Some of them are so expensive and not having any experience in flying them I would hate to crash and break a brand new $2000 drone on my first flight. With my luck, that is exactly what would happen to me.

    I never knew that there were drones with a headless mode feature. Makes total sense now that you’ve explained it. I’ve TRIED flying some remote control helicopters in the past and getting it to go in the right direction when it was a distance away was one of the hardest parts…I couldn’t tell if the tail was facing me or away from me…apparently, the tail was facing towards me and the copter kept on going until it was too late and out of range.
    The fly time does seem short I would definitely want to get the extra batteries. How difficult is it to change the batteries?
    I’ll be checking out. I may have missed it but do you have a link to an online store for the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone?

    • Exactly my point Paul! That’s exactly why I recommend buying a drone with Headless Mode as a beginner. Even for individuals who are more advanced, Headless Mode can sometimes tend to result in a better flying experience.

      Changing batteries isn’t difficult. What I do is make sure one is charging at all times. Once the battery is about to die, I simply land the quadcopter and put the dead one back into the charger.

      There are two places I recommend buying the Holy Stone HS170 from. The first would be on Amazon and the second on BangGood. I found those two online retailers to be the best spots for buying a drone. I personally like Amazon, because there is almost always free shipping when buying a drone. Sorry, I couldn’t put a link in the comment here, but feel free to just head over and search for it. I’ll also have a link within the post sometime in the near future!

  3. It looks like a flying black crab, my friend owns one and he loves. I’ve always though about buying one, but never had the time or money. I think I’m going to waiting till spring to buy one, seems a bit too cold to buying flying things outside right now. Do they only come in black or grey, or are their other colors?

    • You bring up a fab point here Nathan (not the black crab part lol), but the fact you can’t exactly fly your drone outside in snowy or cold weather is definitely a bummer. The good thing about the Holy Stone HS170 though is that it can be flown indoors, which is a plus. The HS170 only comes in black, but you’ll definitely be able to find other drones and models that come in all sorts of colors. Spring would be the perfect time to buy a drone as well!

  4. Thank you for sharing this!

    My younger brother and step-father are crazy about drones, for the price this seems like an awesome steal, I believe I have found the best Christmas present for them, gonna love seeing my dog bark at it.

    A plus to this is that the drone also looks cool, I just hope it is tough enough to survive impact.

    • No problem Damian. Glad to hear your family loves drones. Looks like we have something in common. The Holy Stone HS170 Predator would definitely make for an amazing Christmas present. I know my eyes would light up if I saw a new drone under my Christmas tree, lol. This drone definitely has a nice appeal to it and it’s definitely durable enough to survive most kinds of impact. Just make sure you get some indoor practice first, before taking it outside!

  5. How much is the drone? I didn’t see it int he article, unless I missed it somehow. I currently have a drone but it’s camera is terrible and I would like to upgrade. The max I would want to spend is about $150 or so. Also if you could show me where to purchase it that would be awesome!


    • Thanks for the comment Nick. I just added some links so you can see how much the Holy Stone HS170 Mini is going for and where to buy it from!

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