How To Extend Your Drone’s Flying Time

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One of the biggest disadvantages of drone flying is more than likely their available flight times. Everything from the features included to the amazing cameras being included on today’s drones are above exceptional. But when it comes flying, the duration is one thing we might want to improve even further. Luckily, a lot of today’s drones now even come with additional batteries, so you can easily replace your drone’s dead battery with the new.

But did you know, there are even more steps you can take to ensure longer flight times at each and every turn. While you may not be in favor of some of these methods, you’ll surely find one or two you won’t mind incorporating. Without further or due, here are 8 steps you can take to ensure a more naturally longer flight time with your quadcopter.

#1. By Shutting Off The Camera

Depending on your drone’s model, shutting the camera off can save you valuable minutes on your flight time. This is especially the case for cameras that are powered by the drone’s battery itself. By trading off video recording time, you could add up to a few minutes of extra flight time. You can also add more minutes to your flight time by removing the camera entirely if it is detachable. The lighter your drone is, the better it should be in terms of flight.

#2. By Purchasing Spare or Additional Batteries

Purchasing additional batteries for your drone is always a great idea. But, as mentioned by, you could even take this a step further by finding the same model of your battery offered at a higher mAh capacity. Let’s say the battery your drone includes is a 5000mAh capacity. If you can find the same model offered at 7500mAh, you’ll be able to experience better and longer flying times with your drone.

#3. By Purchasing an External Drone Battery Charger

A power bank is an excellent way to keep your batteries charged at all times. By having an external charger, you’ll be able to charge spare batteries on the go without any hassle. Just make sure to let your batteries fully charge. Force 1’s U818A FPV drone for example, includes an external, portable power bank for wireless charging. Here is a list of drone battery chargers for all kinds of drones and their respective models.

#4. By Not Flying On An Empty Battery

Another step you can take to ensure the longest flight time possible is by making sure your batteries are fully charged as well as by using best practices as recommended by AutelRobotics. Here you’ll find some great tips on following best practices for keeping your batteries in good health over the short and long-run.

#5. By Flying In Good, Stable Weather Conditions

Flying in good weather is crucial for getting the best flight times out of your battery. This is because environmental conditions such as wind and rain causes your quadcopter to re-compensate for lost stability, resulting in loss of flight time. By flying in sunny, warm, and calm weather conditions, you’ll be maximizing the amount of flight time provided by your drone’s battery.

#6. By Flying At Shorter Speeds & Range

By flying your drone closer to you, you can help to further maximize your drone’s battery life, since you’re essentially decreasing the range of transmission. Same holds true when flying your drone at slower speeds. For drones that offer multiple speed modes, trying flying it at the slowest and see if that helps to conserve some of the battery life. Using less of the drones features can also help as well.. Avoid using features like altitude hold and first person view can help you save some battery life.

#7. By Removing Extra Weight

Making your drone as light as possible is an effective way to further enhance your drone’s battery life, but is not always recommended. While removing the propeller guards for example can increase the life on your battery, it will also make your drone more susceptible to damage when crashed. This would be my least recommended way to enhance your battery life.

#8. By Upgrading Or Investing In a Better Drone

Sometimes, there’s just no way of getting around the shorter flight times on some of today’s more affordable drones. Sometimes the best way to extend your flying time in the air is by investing into a drone with a longer flight time. Many of which, can sometimes handle up to 20 to 25 minutes in the air. If you’re looking to experience hours of flight time in the air.. Well, we’re just not exactly there yet!

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