Hubsan X4 H107D Review – Great Mini Drone!

Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter Review


Product Description

Brand Name: Hubsan RC

Model: H107DHubsan H107D Drone

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Flying Time: 8 Minutes

Flying Distance: 100 Meters

Where To Buy:



Unlike the Hubsan H107C, the H107D quadcopter is one of the smallest drones on the market today and will literally fit in the palm of your hands.. (Not joking!) Coming in at just 4.5 inches, the Hubsan H107D while sleek in design, lacks in a few areas. But from an overall perspective is a drone containing all the necessary features any drone lover could want for a pretty great flying experience. This Hubsan H107D is especially great for those looking for something on the smaller end with some awesome FPV capabilities. Overall, there are a few major features to consider when looking to purchase the H107D drone.

Hubsan H107D Drone Review

Similar to the H107C model, this one has a solid durable build as well, which can even be modified. The primary drawback when it comes to the H107D successor is its camera recording feature. On the other hand, one of the things that makes this drone special, appealing, and even favorited by some of todays drone enthusiasts, is its FPV live feed capabilities.


FPV Camera & Video

Unlike the previous H107C model, the H107D is capable of providing you a live feed with it’s camera. With the new FPV feature you can now fly this small, yet unique drone live and in first-person using the remote itself. This is a huge and amazing benefit that’s helped place the Hubsan H107D at the top ranks of sellers such as Amazon.

However, the provided camera may not be anything to gloat about.

One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to the Hubsan H107D is its recording ability and resolution. The H107D uses a 0.3x megapixel sensor that outputs a 640 x 480 resolution. But the odd part is that while the video gets recorded at a 720 x 240 resolution and displayed on the monitor at 720 x 480, something you may find to be a bit inconvenient.


Flight, Controls, & Durability

Despite the small miniature size of this quadcopter, the H107D may take some getting used to for beginners. One thing you may find is that the quadcopter can drift around a bit, which really isn’t surprising given its small size and light weight. And, while technically this is a drone that can be flown indoors and outdoors, it is worth noting that I found it very difficult to fly in any windy condition. But its ability to fly around indoors in a way helped to make up for this.Hubsan H107D Drone Review

Overall though, when flown outdoors the H107D never drifted to the point where I found myself losing control. In regards to flying time it was pretty decent clocking in at around 7 minutes. One of the benefits I found here is while most other quadcopters took longer to charge, this was back up and running in only 30 minutes time.

When it comes to the controller this was a feature you’re likely going to admire. One thing you’ll find is while the video recording itself can cause glitches, the FPV feature turned out to be awesome on the large 4.3 inch screen.

The H107D transmitter is very light weight and uses 4AA batteries. The menu has some pretty cool features as well like allowing you to replay your videos, format the included micro SD card, reverse channels as well as adjusting the stick sensitivities.


Hubsan H107D Overview

If you’re looking to buy a drone because of camera quality, I don’t recommend buying the Hubsan H107D. While the flying is exceptional, the camera’s recording itself seems to have a few glitches. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a basic RPV drone however, and are looking for something at a reasonable price, then the Hubsan H107D is definitely not a bad way to go. Although, not the greatest of its kind on the market, this quadcopter is definitely a lot of fun when flown in the best possible conditions.

To summarize, the Hubsan H107D has a lot of noteworthy features including its durable build and ability to sustain crashes, its cool miniature size and sleek design, its FPV feature and live feed screen, and a great remote control with a variety of options. This is a quadcopter best for people not looking for the best camera on the market but with a knack for a pretty great flying experience.


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