Potensic’s F183DH Drone – Review Of Its Accessories & Features


Product Description

Brand: PotensicPotensic F183DH Drone

Model: F183DH

Gyro: 6-axis

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Channel: 4CH

Flying Time: 8 to 10 Minutes

Flying Distance: 100 Meters

Where To Buy: Amazon.com


While the Potensic F183DH drone isn’t the most popular or well-known quadcopter on the market, people love it for the abundant number of accessories it comes with. It doesn’t have a ton of features and for its price, we might have expected something more. But when all is said and done, it’s the astounding number accessories that make up for its higher price tag. Not to mention that this really is a great flier with more durability than your average drone and an ability to take windy weather like a champ.

What’s Included?

Aside from the drone itself, you might be surprised to hear that the F183DH drone comes with its own hard-shell carrying case in the shape of a briefcase. This is a convenient place to both store and travel with your drone. Other important and key accessories include three 500mAh batteries, 2 spare motor replacements, and 4 extra propeller blades.

As if that isn’t enough, the drone even includes a charger that can charge up to six batteries at a time. My all-time favorite accessory (aside from the case) has to be the wide 5.8GHz FPV screen so you don’t even need to bother connecting your phone. All in all, the accessories included with the Potensic F183DH will make your “drone life” feel easier and more convenient.


Overview Of Accessories:Potensic Drone Accessories!

  • Potensic F183DH Quadcopter
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • FPV LCD Screen
  • Carrying Case
  • Three 500mAh Batteries
  • Two spare motor replacements
  • 4GB TF Card
  • USB Card Reader
  • USB Battery charger
  • User Manual


2 Megapixel Camera

One thing we haven’t mentioned is that the Potensic F183DH drone comes with an attached 2MP camera capable of 720p video. While the camera is on the lower end, one thing that stands out is its FPV Real-Time transmission and use of a speedy 5.8 GHz transmission, preventing most video lag. The camera however, does not make use of a wide angle lens or camera gimbal so your view in that respect may feel more limited.

Using the 4GB TF card will further allow you to store and record images and video while in the air, while the FPV LCD screen will allow you to experience first person views from the transmitter itself. While the camera specs itself weren’t great, the 5.8GHz transmission and inclusion of an FPV LCD screen really adds to the overall value. This is especially true if you value first person view over video and image recording.


Features & Flying

While there do happen to be a few notable features with the Potensic F183DH, one thing that surprised me most is the fact it didn’t have a headless mode option. This means you’ll need to be much more well-versed with flying quadcopters before purchasing this one. In other words, it’s not the most beginner-friendly, despite what others might say. Otherwise, the Potensic F183DH flies extremely well and is durable beyond belief.

Its altitude hold mode will allow you to hover the drone in place for more stable video and image shots from above. One key takeoffs and landing also perform well on the Potensic F183DH and will allow you to take off and land with ease.

The transmitter or control itself is beautifully made and has everything you’d want in a transmitter, including a small LED screen at the bottom indicating battery life, channel, power of your LED lights, and your speed mode. It is perhaps the biggest standout feature of the transmitter itself. You also have a detachable FPV real-time monitor holding case and one button to take videos and another to take your images.



All in all, the Potensic F183DH is an awesome and wonderfully performing drone. While it doesn’t include a headless mode option, the Potensic F183DH is still a quadcopter that will stand out to more novice and advanced fliers who will really appreciate all the added accessories. If this is your first drone case, you’re going to love the convenience it offers and its ability to make your drone package feel more complete. With plenty of spare parts to work with and a decent 8 to 10 minutes of flying time, we’d say that the Potensic F183DH drone is truly worthwhile after all.


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