Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Backpack Review


Product Description

Brand: SmatreeSmatree DP3000 Review

Model: SmaPac DP300

Accessory: DJI Phantom 4 Carrying Case

Size: 15.4″ L x 11.4″W x 6″H

Weight: 4.7 Pounds

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Recently we covered and reviewed the AKASO Hard Shell Carrying Case for the DJI Phantom 3, which we absolutely loved. There really is nothing more important than to keep your DJI Phantom drone safe, given that this is a drone meant to be traveled with.

When it comes to the DJI Phantom line, you have a number of options to safely luggage your drone from one place to the next. Some of these options however, don’t allow you to carry it as a backpack, which is why we wanted to bring the well-custom designed SmaPac DP3000 to your attention.

This is a case that is very reasonably priced with so much storage capacity. Everything that’s been built into the SmaPac DP3000 was done so for a reason. More importantly, the Smatree SmaPac DP3000 is as durable and portable as any drone carrying case bag can get. Measuring in at 15.4″ L x 11.4″ W x 6″ H, the bag itself only weighs 4.7 pounds.

While the case is not waterproof, it is water resistant capable of being carried around in snowy or rainy weather. If you need a carrying case that is totally waterproof, check out Case Club DJI Phantom 4 Case. As much as we loved the Case Club, the carrying case not be carried on the back and thus, is not as portable as our Smatree SmaPack DP3000.

Smatree SmaPac DP3000


What Models Does The DP3000 Case Work With Best?

The DP3000 case should not be used with any other model or drone, besides the DJI Phantom 4. If you have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, or Professional 4K, I recommend the AKASO Hard Shell, which has some similarities to the DP3000. It’s also important to note that any kind of Macbook or laptop will not fit in the SmaPac DP3000 backpack. The only exception here is a pocket on the back of the compartment that can fit up to a 9.7″ iPad Air 2.


DP3000 Case Features & Design

Like most of today’s drone cases, the DP3000 uses a properly cut and grooved styrofoam case to hold and protect your DJI Phantom 4. You also have a quick and easy rectangular safe-lock feature at the top of the main compartment to open and close the backpack when needed. There is additional space at the back of the main compartment to hold an iPad, tablet, or other mobile device.

DP3000 Carrying Case Review

Above the main compartment is an upper compartment used to hold up to 4 DJI Phantom 4 batteries or other drone accessories. You also have two external zippered pockets; one on the side and one at the very front for storing your propellers. Having an additional pocket makes room for spares if needed. Lastly, there is an open and breathable pocket on the bottom left side making room for an additional drink to bring along with you.

There is no question that the DP3000 makes great and convenient use of its space. The ease in being able to securely open and close the main compartment is a nice feature and we love how you’re able to store batteries in a component space in and of itself. It’s a simple, but spacious carrying case with a good amount of ruggedness. It isn’t the most rugged of DJI Phantom 4 cases out there and it does trade-off certain aspects for others. For example, you don’t have wheels and a retractable trolley as in the HPRC case, nor is there a lockable latch as with the Case Club .

All this really means is that the DP3000 case is perfect and the most suitable for individuals who value and need something as portable and convenient as possible. It’s not as though the DP3000 isn’t a secure or rugged case. It most-definitely is, especially with use of a high-great tear resistant polyester exterior, but if those are things you need as well, then it’s important to consider all your options. Otherwise, the DP3000 case is highly recommended and a great choice for travelers who are looking to carry around their drone on their back, instead of wheeling or carrying it with a single hand.

DP3000 Carrying Case Review


Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Overview

Even though the Smatree trademark, might not be the most well-known or recognized brand name out there, we do know that they’ve constructed an amazing DJI Phantom 4 carrying case. With plenty of space and storage compartments, this is a quality made bag that will allow you to conveniently travel with your Phantom 4. What makes the SmaPac DP3000 even more unique is the fact you can carry it as you would with any backpack.

While its exterior is not made of a hard shell material, you should find that the SmaPac DP3000 will still keep your drone safe and protected in all kinds environmental conditions. The Smatree SmaPac further comes at a great and very reasonable price and is admired for its storage/space, convenience, and long-lasting durability.

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