Syma X4 Quadcopter Review

Syma X4 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Pioneer Quadcopter Review

Product Description

Brand Name: Symasyma x4 review

Model: X4

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 3-axis

Flying Time: 6 to 8 minutes

Flying Distance: Approx. 30 Meters

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This beautiful looking drone is perfect for beginners. This drone is not as big as the Syma X5 and can be considered to be more lightweight. Despite this, the Syma X4 is great for those looking for a drone that can fly both indoors and outdoors, whereas the Syma X5 can only be used outdoors.

One of the features that stands out in this drone, as well as most of today’s Syma models is its durability.

In contrast to other drones I have used and reviewed, the Syma X4 can be crashed over and over, and you will never need to worry about a part malfunctioning. Even so, the Syma X4 comes with extra propellors just in case!

Dimensions & Specifications

The Syma X4 isn’t exactly a miniature drone, but it’s not too big either. It’s about 10 inches long and 9 inches wide. But despite being larger than most nano’s on the market, the Syma X4 is very light.

Weighing in at only 4 ounces, the Syma X4 still remains to resist windy conditions and its 360 eversion function will definitely surprise you. In short, the Syma X4 was made for speed and durability.

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Flight, Controls, & Durability

People love the Syma X4 due to a variety of features. Butsyma x4 review where it really stands out is being easy to control and sustain crashes over and over again.

I personally believe that Syma somehow makes some of the most durable drones on the market today. Even despite how light weight the Syma X4 is, it still happens to be one of the most durable for its size.

And this just adds to how easy it is to fly, which is beneficial to beginners looking to upgrade to more advanced drones down the line!

The other benefit of the Syma X4 is being able to fly both indoors and outdoors. In fact, its size is perfect for this multi-use ability. It even includes 4 LED lights underneath the propellors so you can better adjust its position and see it in the dark. This is a must-have for any drone especially when you’re able to control it from over 100 feet away!

Syma X4 Features

  • 360 Eversion Roll Feature – Flips Forward, Backwards, and Side to Side!
  • 3-Axis Gyro System for More Stable and Flexible Flight.
  • Flies Both Indoors/Outdoors
  • Great For Beginners
  • Comes With Transmitter, Propellors, and USB Charger

Syma X4 Quadcopter Overview

When it comes to the Syma X4 drone, there is really not a lot of bad things to say about it. It really excels in most areas. Though some people are not the biggest fan of its lightweight nature and may see it as more flimsy. On the contrary though the Syma X4 can be debated to be more durable than most drones.

The Syma X4 is small, simple, and compact and is mainly a drone I recommend for people looking for a drone that can fly both indoors and outdoors. If you’re looking for a drone with a camera, than definitely check out the Syma X5. But if you’re looking for something simple and easy, the Syma X4 is definitely worth the small price tag for all the enjoyment it offers!

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10 Comments on "Syma X4 Quadcopter Review"

  1. Ahh, I love these copters! One of my neighbours has got one. Recently I was out for a little walk locally, and I saw some people looking upwards near somebody’s garden. I followed their gaze and saw a copter just like this floating above their garden!

    $37??? Is that all??? I thought that these kinds of things were much more expensive than that! I think I might have to go out and buy one myself!

    Have you got one of these?

    • Hahah, you just got to love randomly stumbling on a drone in the air! It’s such a fantastic sight and I just can’t get over how far technology has come these days. Yep, only $37, isn’t that amazing!! Not only are they legal in all states but they are just so affordable.

      I used to think they were a lot more expensive, and more advanced drones are, but anyone can go ahead and fly a drone. For such a low price, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want one. They make for such a great hobby. To be honest I do not have a Syma X4. I’m a bigger fan of larger drones, like the Syma X5CW, which just happens to be one of my favorites! 🙂

  2. I really appreciated your article on the drone. I have always been interested in drones and wasn’t aware there were ones that were qualified to fly both indoors, and outdoors. The ads you have added to your site was a good addition. There are just a couple so it wasn’t overpowering and obnoxious. How many drones have you owned/tested prior to this drone? Do you think the syma x4 would be capable of carrying a go pro and high altitude videos?

    • Thank you! It seems to me more and more people are just catching on to how amazing these drones are. It just makes for such a relaxing hobby, for just about anyone. I appreciate the compliments on my site by the way. Those ads are just Google Adsense, nothing too big nor intrusive, which is just how I like it 🙂

      I own ten or so drones, some small, some large. Still haven’t tried out the Syma X4 so I’m wondering whether writing a review on it was a bit premature, but I know it’s still a great and reliable drone either way. And to answer your last question, the Syma X4 is definitely not capable of carrying a Go Pro. It is way too small to handle the kind of advanced features necessary for that.

      If you’re looking for a great drone that can handle a Go Pro, you must take a look at the Blade 350 QX3 Review.. This is probably my favorite drone of all time, especially because there are options for both beginner flyers as well as much more experienced drone users as well. Check it out when you get the chance!

  3. Charles Reynolds | July 30, 2015 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    It sounds like a drone that would be excellent for beginners. Do you have to assemble it yourself. If so how long does it normally take to assemble? I suppose it is battery powered or is it gas powered? The 100 foot range mean 100 feet in a vertical and 100 feet in a horizontal direction? How loud is the drone? You provided a good description of the drone and the advantages it has.

    • Hey Charles, the Syma X4 is definitely great for beginners and no one of the great things about the Syma X4 is it can be flown right out of the box! All drones are battery powered and can even be charged with a USB to your laptop or computer, which is so convenient.

      In regards to range, I believe it’s a combination of both, but couldn’t tell you exactly other than the fact that the range isn’t bad at all. The drone can be heard, but it’s definitely not loud enough to annoy your neighbors. I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

  4. Hello Peter,
    I really enjoyed reading your article about the SymaX4 drone. It sounds like the perfect drone to start out with. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it is! I’ll be getting one for my son soon (it’s really for me, but tell anybody 😉 ). Your description of how durable it is is what really sold me on that because I know it will have to withstand a lot of abuse while we are learning to fly it.

    • Hahah thank you Rick and don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. The durability is definitely one of the big factors that makes the Syma X4 so appealing. Buying your first drone is definitely an exciting experience. Get ready for a lot of fun!!

  5. Peter,
    I have had Syma products before, they are very durable. This model X4 Quadcopter is what you recommend for beginners, what product would you recommend that has a video camera for a beginners? Do not want to go too big.
    Have several RC models that do not leave the ground. Love to race cars.

    • Hey John, as a beginner today, you have so many options. One of my personal favorites in terms of brands is Holy Stone, which includes a video camera in nearly every one of its drones (besides the HS170 Predator). But there are plenty of selections you can go with. Try checking out some of these following posts to see if they help:

      Best Drones By Holy Stone
      Best Drones By Syma
      Drones With VR Headset Compatability

      I also really like the Holy Stone HS110, which I think is definitely worth a second glance. Size is about a foot in length and width so I don’t think it would be too big. The U45 Blue Jay is another great and more recent quadcopter you could check out as well. If you’re looking for something really small, then these drones by Cheerson will have you covered. Anyway take a look at these posts and if you need anymore help, just let me know! 🙂

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