Syma X8g Drone Quadcopter Review

Product Description

Brand: SymaSyma X8g Drone Review

Model: X8g

Gyro: 6-axis

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Flying Time: 7 to 10 minutes

Flying Distance: 100 Meters

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Syma is one of today’s most popular and renowned brands for selling drones. Since the inception of the highly popular Syma X6, they’ve come a long way in developing highly affordable drones, innovated in their own unique fashion. Today, we’ll cover all the details and specs of the Syma X8g drone, which is one of the latest drones to join the X8 series line-up.

This way you’ll have a better idea of the kind of value you’ll receive with the X8g. One thing we want you to keep in mind is that individual satisfaction of the Syma X8g should and will vary from one to another due to the kind of features we can expect and where your interests lie.

The Syma X8g drone has a specific appeal among drone users looking to get the best aerial shots and photos from above. It’s an excellent drone to buy on a budget and a great alternative to many of the more advanced and expensive drones being sold today. Its inclusion of an amazing 8MP HD camera makes this the kind of drone that would allow you to show off some of the best aerial footage at this price range. While the Syma X8g does lack certain qualities, it is a drone we could gladly and comfortably recommend to the right user.


Specs & Dimensions

Like most of Syma’s drones, the X8g quadcopter is rather large. Its exact dimensions measure in at 29.1″ in length, 13.4″ in width, and 5.1″ in height. The drone is also much heavier than usual with an average weight of 3.1 pounds. It has an average 100 meter transmission range however, and a fairly low 7 to 10 minute flying time.

The lesser quality Syma X6 for example is capable of 15 minutes of flight on just one fully powered battery. The low flying time on the X8g is also likely attributed to the use of its HD camera, which is important to keep in mind. The other thing to note here is that the Syma X8g drone does not include any additional batteries.

The package thus only includes one 7.4V 2000mAh Li-on battery, which has a 200-minute charging time for each single use. Overall, the specs of the Syma X8g could have definitely been better. But there are other aspects of the X8g that makes this drone standout and appeal to the right kind of customer.

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8MP Camera

Let’s take the camera for example, which is possibly one of the best setups of any drone at this price range by far. The Syma X8g comes with a 8MP HD camera supportive of both 720p and 1080p MOV video quality. What is even more unique here is that this camera can be easily detached and replaced with any other kind of camera, such as your own GoPro Action .

This easily allows us to make the consensus that the Syma X8g is a drone that is best-suited for that individual looking to get amazing HD images and video from above, on a budget.

Let’s say you wanted to buy a DJI Phantom because of its amazing aerial video capabilities, but didn’t want to fork out the money. Well then the Syma X8g would be a good bet. There are some additional drawbacks in terms of its kind of features however.


Flight, Features, & Controls

The Syma X8g isn’t exactly the most feature filled drone. Yes, it does have a Headless Mode option that will allow users to not worry over the orientation of their quadcopter, which is great. Its expected 6-axis gyro will also give you that smooth stability in the air. And the use of a one-key 360 degree roll, will allow you to perform all kinds of flips and stunts in the air.

But as far as features go, that’s about it. There’s no Altitude Hold function (allowing your quad to hover in place) or even a Return Home function key, which some may find to be inconvenient. These two features are especially useful when trying to get some good shots and video from up above. With that said, they aren’t necessary by any means, but they are good to have. The Syma X8g clearly sacrifices a lot of these features for a much more improved and above average camera.


Pros Of The Syma X8gSyma X8g Drone Review

  • Drone measures in at a great size and is easily seen from a distance.
  • Amazing 8MP camera that can be removed or replaced.
  • Has all the basics needed for a drone.
  • Includes a Headless Mode option for beginners.
  • Has a 6-axis gyro, which is great for giving the drone stability.
  • One-key 360 degree roll function.


Cons Of The Syma X8g

  • Low flying time.
  • No altitude hold function.
  • No return home function.
  • Not too many features altogether.


Syma X8g Drone Overview

Overall, the Syma X8g drone is a great alternative for individuals looking to get some amazing aerial footage but don’t want to have to spend a ton of money on a drone. It’s definitely cost-effective, but you’ll also be missing out on some of the more advanced and high-tech features found in the DJI Phantom for example. Its lower than average flight time and absence of both an Altitude Hold and Return Home function is probably why the Syma X8g is one of today’s more affordable drones.

If you’re more interested in a drone with plenty of features, but with a lesser quality camera we’d recommend going with something like the U45 Blue Jay or Force 1’s U818A drone, both of which are also similar in size and price to the Syma X8g.

Rather than being able to take shots at 1080p, you’ll be limited to a 720p resolution and won’t be able to replace the camera as they are permanently attached. If shooting images and videos at 1080p are important to you and the kind of drone you want, than the Syma X8g is definitely still a good choice.

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