Tenergy TDR Phoenix Drone Review


The Phoenix Drone by Tenergy TDR is a beautifully designed, black and yellow drone that offers a number of smart features. The drone itself offers one of the first modular designs allowing for easy future upgrades, customizations, and maintenance.

The TDR Phoenix includes three modular accessories, which includes its camera, collision sensor, and battery. This gives way to some great customizable options if you ever intend to upgrade your drone in the future.

Another nice aspect to TDR’s Phoenix Drone is that it can be flown indoors and outdoors, similar to TDR’s Sky Beetle Mini. Unlike the Sky Beetle, the Phoenix Drone is not a fold-able drone, but is a smart and beautiful drone nonetheless.

In this review, we’re going to cover what it is that sets the TDR Phoenix Drone apart. We’ll also be looking at some of the important specs and features that you need to know before it comes to flying the TDR Phoenix drone.

TDR Phoenix Review

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What’s Included?

But first, let’s cover what comes included with the TDR Phoenix Drone package. With the Phoenix, you’ll have everything needed to start flying your drone, including an extra 650mAh capacity battery for double the flight time. The only additional parts you’ll need to begin flying that is not included are two double A batters for the controller.

  • TDR Phoenix Drone
  • Controller with smart device holder.
  • Camera module.
  • Collision avoidance module.
  • 3.7V 650mAh Battery with extra.
  • Four propeller guards
  • Four blades
  • Screwdriver
  • Two USB charging cables.

Another great feature we would like to mention regarding the Tenergy Phoenix Mini is in regard to its ergonomically designed controller that opens up to hold your smartphone between the two joysticks. This makes flying in FPV easy and convenient when using the TDR mobile app, available on the app store and Google Play.

TDR Phoenix Pro Transmitter

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Specs & Dimensions

The TDR Phoenix Pro Drone is an average sized drone, but is much smaller in height. Dimensions of the drone are 13″ x 13″ x 2.7″.  The drone is also very light weighing just 4.7 oz and does not need any FAA registration. The drone also offers a great 70 meter control range, which is about 230 feet.

But the app control or FPV range is limited to 35 meters, or about 115 feet. The TDR Phoenix Pro Drone offers 6.5 minutes of flight time per battery, but can expected to be flown about 13-minutes given the spare battery that is provided. The charge time per battery is only 90 minutes or so.

The transmitter is smaller, lighter, and easy to be carried around. It weighs only 5.4 ounces and is charged by a USB. It takes about one hour to charge the transmitter and can stay powered for up to an hour.

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Flying & Features

The TDR Phoenix Pro drone also offers some great features to be aware of. We will be covering all of these down below and unlike the TDR Phoenix Mini, the Phoenix Pro does offer FPV and is WiFi controllable. The TDR Phoenix Mini is another very exceptional drone by Tenergy by the way that you should definitely check out.

The main differences between the Phoenix Pro and Mini is that the Mini is smaller, has less features, and is less customizable than the Phoenix Pro. But both are great drones to consider. The TDR Phoenix Mini also flies about a minute or so longer on average and is just a simpler drone overall.

Nonetheless, let us see what the the amazing Phoenix Pro drone has to offer and how it can offer a pretty quality flight experience. First on the list is its equipped 6-axis gyro with a collision avoidance feature that keeps the drone from bumping into objects. It does this by use of an infrared sensor that requires the drone to be at-least 3.3 feet above the ground in altitude.

The drone must also be operated on low speed in order for it to detect any objects. The TDR Phoenix Pro actually offers three speed modes – low, medium, and high, making it a good practice drone or a good choice for those looking to improve their speed flying capabilities. Headless mode is another feature included in the Phoenix Pro, allowing fliers to fly the drone without worrying over orientation.

You also have an auto hovering feature, also known as altitude hold mode, which allows the Phoenix Pro to automatically hover in the air. This is complemented by an auto-takeoff feature as well as an auto return to pilot mode to prevent loss. As you can see the TDR Phoenix Pro offers some solid features to take advantage of and it’s also great to see that their is an FPV or first person view mode available as well.

The unique transmitter on the Phoenix Pro further enhances the FPV experience, while using the drones 0.3MP 720p HD camera. The camera can also be tilted or controlled at 90-degree angle. Last but not least, you have a 360-degree stunt mode, allowing you to flip the TDR Phoenix Pro drone in any one of four directions.

TDR Phoenix Drone Features

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Pros Of TDR Phoenix Drone:

  • Includes everything needed to begin flying.
  • Comes with an additional battery for extra flight time.
  • Offers customizable or modular advantages.
  • Built-in 0.3MP camera.
  • Can be flown in FPV.
  • Unique transmitter holds your phone nicely.
  • Offers headless mode, altitude hold, and return to pilot.
  • Also has auto take off feature.
  • Collision feature helps keep drone safe from crashing into objects.
  • Offers a 360-degree stunt mode.


Tenergy TDR Phoenix Drone Overview

All in all the Phoenix drone is a drone that can be appreciated for the customizable options it offers. It also offers some unique advantages over the Phoenix Mini version. If you’re interested in flying in FPV, then the Tenergy Phoenix Drone is a drone to consider.

Many people like the Phoenix drone because of how easy it is to fly and for its collision which helps you avoid flying the drone into nearby objects. The ability to customize things like the camera and battery are another advantage of the Phoenix Pro drone. Coupled with the drone’s great, easy to see color scheme and great LED lights, the Phoenix Drone has a few things going for it.

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