Tenergy TDR Sky Beetle Mini Drone Review


Sky Beetle Drone Review

The Sky Beetle Mini drone by Tenergy is one of the first drone’s that can be transported inside your transmitter. There are a few similar models out there, but we chose to review Sky Beetle because of its exceptional quality.

The Sky Beetle mini was given its name because its size and color makes it look just like a “flying beetle.” One could say the same thing about Holy Stone’s Bolt Bee, which looks and flies like a bee. The color and size of these drones, thus give it an attractive look.

Tenergy further offers a design that is fairly new among drones, advancing its features and giving it a newer sense of appeal. In this Sky Beetle Mini review, we’ll be taking a look at what aspects about this quadcopter stand out and why it’s a good purchasing choice for the following year!



First, let’s cover the actual specs and size of the Sky Beetle Mini. The drone, which is just about the size of your palm, measures no larger than 5.7″ x 3.3″. Despite its small size, the Sky Beetle Mini quadcopter is capable of reaching up to 10 minutes in flight time.

This shows great advancement in today’s miniature drones. It is further capable of traveling up to 30 meters in distance, or 100 feet. It’s size, flight time, and distance thus make it a perfect component for indoor flight. Its smaller size will also challenge new fliers to fly through tighter obstacles.



We’ve also listed the materials and accessories included with the Sky Beetle mini below.

  1. TDR Foldable Pocket Drone.
  2. TDR Pocket Drone Controller.
  3. Smartphone Placeholder.
  4. Four Extra Propeller Blades.
  5. Four Propeller Blade Guards.
  6. Drone Charging Cable.
  7. Screwdriver.
  8. Sky Beetle Instruction Manual.

As you can tell, there aren’t a ton of accessories included with the drone, making it an easy, ready-to-fly drone right out of the box. The only accessories you will need to purchase separately include four AAA batteries for the TDR drone transmitter.



The Sky Beetle Mini drone flies exceptionally well and is a perfect choice for beginners and experts. That’s because this drone has three speed modes that can be used and practiced with, giving way to more flexibility in terms of expertise level.

Despite the small size of the Sky Beetle drone, there are a number of great features to be mentioned. Many of these features not only deal with the flight of the drone, but in terms of portability as well.

As we’ll see, the Sky Beetle Mini can fold-up and fit inside your transmitter, allowing you to conveniently take the drone from place to place.

Transportation is so easy, that you could in-fact fold up the drone into the transmitter and fit it into your pocket. Not many drones actually allow you to do this adding a whole other level of uniqueness to the Sky Beetle Drone.

Headless Mode – The first feature to be covered with the Sky Beetle Mini quadcopter is headless mode. This is the mode you’ll want to almost always have on if you’re a beginner. That’s because with headless mode, you’ll never have to worry about the orientation of the quadcopter. Instead, it’s a feature you’ll find makes flying much more straight forward. Pushing up on the throttle makes the drone go forward, while pushing down makes it go backwards. It is very convenient.

Multi-Functional Transmitter – As mentioned, the transmitter of the Sky Beetle Drone does more than just fly the drone. It stores and secures the drone as well. This is all thanks to the drones ability of folding up into a very small size, able to fit itself perfectly in the controller. This gives way to much better transportation and storage.

Drone Stunts – In order to enjoy our time with the Sky Beetle Drone, being able to do flips and eversions is a must. With the Sky Beetle Mini, you are given three different stunt moves to enjoy. These include a 360-degree flip, and some more interesting ones, such as a tornado spin, and orbit flying tricks.

FPV Mode – Were you aware that the Sky Beetle Mini even has a mini camera located within it. Not only that, but with this drone, you’ll even be able to connect it to your drone and begin to view live video feed right through your phone. Who thought a drone so small could handle such a thing? Now with the Sky Beetle Mini, can you casually fly or race friends in FPV mode!

Altitude Hold Mode – Another personal favorite feature of mine has got to be Altitude Hold, allowing the drone to simply hold its altitude and hover in the air. It’s like saying hold on drone, “Let me get a drink and come right back”, allowing you to resume flight from that same position. It’s really awesome to see an altitude mode being integrated in the Sky Beetle Mini.

One Key Takeoffs – As if that wasn’t enough, the Sky Beetle Mini is even capable of auto takeoffs and landings, making your flight an even more, one of a kind experience. With this feature, your drone will be able to take off and land at the single press of a button.



  • Can fly up to 10 minutes on a single-charged battery.
  • Easy to use, and ready to fly out of the box.
  • Has a multi-functional docking transmitter.
  • Many features (including FPV) make the drone very enjoyable.
  • Three speed modes make it appropriate for many expertise levels.
  • Capable of taking and streaming images and video.



It’s very safe to say that the Sky Beetle Mini is a drone that isn’t lacking in features. Instead, it’s a drone that shows just how far the quadcopter industry has come and how far it keeps going. It also shows that it isn’t only the big quadcopters out there that is filled with features, but smaller ones too.

The Sky Beetle Mini drone is surely one to impress and has every feature a miniature drone could ask for. The fact it can even be folded up and stored within your transmitter, only gives more value to the drone and its price as a whole. While there many contenders out there, the Sky Beetle drone shouldn’t disappoint, and is an especially great choice for those looking to train and fly something from their couch at home!



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