Top 10 Best Racing Drones

Drone racing is something that happens all over the globe. Competitive events, such as the World Drone Prix in Dubai has gathered pilots from all over the world to race their own custom-made drones. Even in the U.S., we’ve seen competitive events take place like the U.S. Drone Racing Championship event. There is no question to how fast drone racing has picked up in our world today.

Your piloting performance truly comes down to your experience, practice, and skill-level and thus, makes the drone racing hobby more exciting and fun than ever before. The addition of FPV and VR headsets has only upped the ante. So which one of today’s racing drones is for you? We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite racing drones, which we hope you fully enjoy as you practice your way into some of today’s top, most competitive scenes. But before you do, check out one of my favorite and inspiring drone races of all time!



Sky Viper Racing Drone

Perfect for indoor and outdoor racing, the Sky Viper racing drone comes with four beacons that allows racers to track their position on the course. With the Hover Racer, you have the option of racing against four other players or you can race against time. The Sky Viper Hover Racer is truly a lot of fun to play with. With the ability of locking onto your opponents and shooting them down or take a more defensive stance and defend your beacons. The drone is further capable of features like auto hover, take-offs, and landings.


9. TAROT TL130H1

Tarot TL130H1 Mini Racing Drone The Tarot 130 FPV racing drone has a number of aspects that makes it one of today’s stand-out drones for racing. Constructed out of a full carbon frame, the Tarot TL130 is light and capable of handling extremely fast speeds. Its compact nature and smaller than average parts, further allows the drone to accelerate faster. Other features on the Tarot include a miniature camera that can be moved at adjustable angles, customized shock tripod, and a lightweight aluminum hexagonal column.



One of today’s greatest racing drones for beginners is the Air Hogs Helix. Its use of an extremely durable and crash-resistant frame makes it a perfect tool for flying at fast speeds. But the Air Hogs Helix doesn’t stop there. Use of clip-on spoilers and wheels allows the drone to be driven on the ground. Its gyro-stabilization system further helps in producing a more stable and enjoyable flight. Included with the racing drone is a switch blade, controller, charger, and ground control spoilers. For beginners looking for an easy to fly and enjoyable racing drone, this one is for you.


SunFounder 250 FPV Racing Drone


The ready to fly, ultra-light drone by SunFounder makes it perfect for racing in FPV. Included with the SunFounder 250 is a full glass fiber frame kit, CC3D flight controller, and spare propellers and motors. The SunFounder 250 truly excels in its stable to fly nature and handling, a result of its light-weight, but durable build. Duration of flight can average up to 7 minutes or more per battery.




UDI RC Eagle Drone

This drone comes with an absolutely gorgeous build and is equipped with top speeds like you’ve never seen. The drone also has many features that will keep you immersed when flying the UDI RC Eagle. Its new and improved VR headset compatibility gives you a new and innovative approach for racing your drone. The drone also includes headless mode for proper orientation and is FPV capable with a 120-degree, wide-angle 720p camera. The drone additionally has 2 speed modes, one for beginners and one for advanced fliers. Its gravity induction further gives you a new and interesting take in flying your drone, done by moving your smartphone.



5. WALKERA RODEO 150Walkera Rodeo 150 Racing Drone

We’ve probably all heard of Walkera, once or twice before. As one of today’s most reputable drone manufacturers, it’s no surprise to see the Rodeo 150 as one of today’s best racing drones. This amazing and unique looking FPV racer utilizes a smart, but lightweight frame design. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor flight, the Rodeo 150 includes a 3D aerobatic flight mode, a miniature 600 TVL night vision camera, and an F3 flight controller. The Rodeo 150 can further last up to 8 minutes of flight time with its 850mAh capacity battery.



Full Carbon Fiber Drone

This is a drone made and designed for speed only. If you need something more stable, then check out some of today’s more popular hobby drones. For those looking to race, the Full Carbon Fiber is an amazing choice. So much work and detail has been put into making this drone a truly exceptional racer. The drone is made of a carbon fiber air-frame with a 3mm thick body plate for reducing as much weight as possible so it can handle faster speeds and acceleration. It has an FPV camera as well that can be adjusted from a 0 to 15 degree upward pitch. Battery and chargers are not included with the LHI Full Carbon Fiber racing drone.




This XDR 220 Drone Racing Kitall-in-one drone racing kit supplies you with all your basic necessities. The nice thing about the kit is that putting your drone together is very straight-forward and doesn’t require having to put together a ton of small pieces. This high-quality racer uses powerful brushless motors to help you accelerate and reach top speeds faster. Included with the kit are FPV goggles for a more immersive flying experience. Constructed from a thin, durable, crash-resistant carbon fiber frame, the XDR 220 drone kit is one of today’s most agile and well-constructed racing drones of all-time. The transmission range is likely one of the longest you’ll ever experience, reaching nearly 5000 feet in distance. Use of a 2.5mm HD camera with wide dynamic range, offers a more light-weight way for viewing in FPV. Other accessories with the kit include an AT9 transmitter, spare propellers, mushroom antenna, charger, carbon fiber cover, and assembly tools.



Considered to be one of today’s best racers on the market, the RISE Vusion 2RISE Vusion 250 Racing Drone50 is a wonderful advanced flier with FPV. This drone is truly equipped with all the necessary equipment and features to begin flying your Vision 250. These include a high-quality LCD monitor, FPV goggles, 5.8GHz transmitter, and a 600TVL FPV camera. Videos and images can further be saved with its 32 GB micro memory card. The airframe itself can be described as state of the art with some of the best durability of any racing drone out there. Repairing and adding parts onto the Vision 250 couldn’t be any easier, requiring you to remove and replace the arms once finished. Unlike other racers, the Vision 250 requires practically no assembly on your part. If you’re looking for an extremely fast and durable racer that can handle top speeds and hard crashes, you owe it to try RISE’S Vusion 250 drone.


Walkera F210 Racing Drone

If you’re looking for one of today’s best racing drones on the market, then you simply have to try the Walkera F210. It has one of the strongest, most durable, and lightest frames yet. Its technology is so advanced, it uses 700TVL night vision that has a 120 degree visual range with extremely clear FPV picture quality. A lot of work and precision has further been put into its physical’s mechanics helping to perfect the drone’s agility and stability. The Walkera F210 can be flown up to 8 to 9 minutes at a time and includes the F210 quadcopter, transmitter, camera, battery, and charger.



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  1. Peter,
    You have provided some useful insight about racing drones. My son has asked for one. What age group do you recommend. Is there a recommended age for these products. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Kay, great question. Most manufacturers recommend their drones be used by individuals aged 14 years and older, so I would suggest going with that guideline. Hope that helps!

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