Top 10 Syma Drones & Quadcopters 2018

If there was one simply awesome aspect of Syma, it’s the fact they have a huge selection of quadcopters to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for a mini nano quadcopter or a UFO drone like the Syma X6, there is more than likely a Syma drone out there just calling your name. If you’d rather stick to your average sized drone, well they have that too.

Given how Syma has become one of the biggest drone manufacturing names out there, we’ve decided to go ahead and compile what we thought were the top 10 Syma drones. This will make it easier for you to decide on which Syma drone or quadcopter is the best choice for you. Evaluated by price, size, and specs, here is our list for this years top 10 Syma drones!


10. Syma X12S Nano Quadcopter

Syma X12S Nano

The Syma X12S Nano is one of Syma’s smallest and most basic drones you can buy today. Measuring in at 8.7″ L x 3.9″ W, it’s an excellent choice for starters looking to get a handle on some of today’s bigger drones. Its got great stability, is easy to fly, and can be held in the palm of your hands.

Features on the Syma X12S include a 360 eversion button and 2 speed modes. It even comes with spare parts and charging the Syma X12S is as easy as plugging it into your nearest USB. If you’re looking for an affordably small and simple drone that you can fly from your couch, the Syma X12S Nano won’t disappoint.

  • Flying time – 4 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 20 Meters
  • Charging Time – 40 Minutes


9. Syma X3 Quadcopter

Syma X3 DroneThe Syma X3 is a nice step up from the Syma X12S Nano. While they’re almost the same in size, the Syma X3 weighs a bit heavier and has a longer average flight time.

If you’re looking for a mini quadcopter, capable of both indoor and outdoor flight, then you’ll want to add the Syma X3 drone to your list. Just make sure to not fly the Syma X3 in windy weather.

Otherwise the Syma X3 is wonderfully durable for its size and offers beginners all the practice they need to become accustomed to today’s larger and more advanced drones. Last but not least, the Syma X12S has 10 additional meters in transmission range than the Syma X12S Nano, giving starter pilots more room to practice their drone.

  • Flying time – 6 to 8 Minutes +
  • Flying Distance – 30 Meters
  • Charging Time – 70 Minutes


8. Syma X22W Quadcopter

Syma X22W Drone ReviewThe Syma X22W is a miniature nano drone that performs exceptionally well. This drone, which is offered in multiple color variations is sure to please the eye.

More importantly it is the number of features that comes with the Syma X22W that makes it exceptional. After all, who doesn’t want a nano drone with a 0.3MP camera capable of both images and video.

With the Syma X22W, you’ll have the pleasure of flying this quadcopter both indoors and outdoors. Given its smaller range, the Syma X22W is a great choice for beginners, while offering some noteworthy features, such as headless mode, altitude hold, and even one key take offs and landings.

The Syma X22W even allows you to draw your own custom flight path with its excellent FPV function. Its remote viewfinder also allows pilots to control the drone right from their phones, using that as a transmitter. Thanks to 2018, Syma has brought some great drones to contend with!

  • Flying Time: 5 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 25 Meters
  • Charge Time: 90 Minutes


7. Syma X21W Quadcopter

Syma X21W Drone ReviewWith the Syma X21W you’ll get stronger wind resistance and flight stabilization than with the Syma X12S and X3 drones. Capable of both indoor and outdoor flight, the Syma X21W is a miniature quadcopter you will really enjoy your time with.

This amazing starter miniature drone is equipped with beautiful LED lights and a camera to record both daytime and nighttime flight. Basically, the Syma X11C drone has everything you could ask for in a drone of this size as well as a 6-axis gyro for improved stabilization.

Although, it is a bit more expensive than the X12S and X3, it’s well worth it, especially if you’re looking for your first miniature drone capable of taking both images and video. The Syma X21W is also a better reflection of what Syma is offering in 2018. The Syma X21W can also be purchased with extra batteries.

There is also the Syma X21, which is the same drone, but without a camera and FPV function.

  • Flying Time – 6 to 8 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 100 Meters
  • Charging Time – 90 Minutes


6. Syma X5SW Quadcopter

Syma X5SW DroneThe Syma X5SW is a beautifully looking drone with some solid features for its price. It’s also one of the first Syma drones that comes at an average size measuring in at 12.4″ L x 12.4″ W.

The Syma X5SW not only includes a 0.3 megapixel camera, but conveniently offers real-time FPV transmission. It has a 6-axis gyro system for better outdoor flight stabilization, a 3D eversion function for flips and tricks, and a headless mode for beginners.

If you’ve had your eye on the Syma X5C, you’ll want to buy the Syma X5SW instead, since this drone has plenty of upgraded features that weren’t included in the X5C version. If you’ve been looking for that first genuinely real, but affordable Syma drone, supportive of FPV, images, videos, and more, than definitely add the Syma X5SW to your list. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

  • Flying Time – 6 to 8 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 30 Meters
  • Charging Time – 30 Minutes


5. Syma X5C-1 Explorers Quadcopter

Syma X5C-1 DroneThe Syma X5C-1 is loved for many reasons. Equipped with agility, speed, and stability, the Syma X5C-1 Explorers drone is plenty of fun to fly.

The drone itself however, may be a little outdated in terms of the features that it offers. It doesn’t include a headless mode for example, which makes flying the Syma X5C-1 a lot harder for beginners.

To have good control of the Syma X5C-1, you’ll need plenty of practice beforehand and the ability to fly a drone without headless mode. The drone itself has 2 speed modes, 7 minutes of average flight time, and a very reasonable camera. Despite the lack of WIFI FPV real-time, the Syma X5C-1 is a drone still worth noting for its outstanding durability and ease of use. Generally speaking, the X5C-1 is an easier drone to master than the X5C. As a side note, its LED lights are also beautiful!

  • Flying Time – 7 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 100 Meters
  • Charge Time – 100 Minutes


4. Syma X8C Venture Quadcopter

SYMA X8C Venture DroneThe body on the Syma X8C is much larger than any of the previous drones mentioned above. It’s a heftier drone with a measurement of 20″ L x 20″ W x 6.5″ H.

If you’re looking for a larger than average drone, than you might enjoy and love flying the Syma X8C Venture. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor and nighttime flight and has some of the flashiest and most colorful LED lighting you’ll see in any of Syma’s drones.

It is wonderfully durable, making use of a plastic protector around each propeller for enhanced protection. It has a 2 megapixel camera that is not capable of FPV real-time, but will allow you to take images and video while flying. With a 6-axis gyro, scheduled flight, and headless mode (aka “intelligent orientation control”), the Syma X8C Venture is a force to be reckoned with for beginners and expert flyers alike.

  • Flying Time – 5 to 8 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 50 Meters
  • Charging Time – 180 Minutes


3. Syma X8G Quadcopter

Syma X8g Drone ReviewThe Syma X8G is by far, one of Syma’s most technologically advanced drones. Serving as a wonderful budget alternative to the more expensive GoPro-ready drones, the Syma X8G includes an amazing 8 megapixel camera capable of shooting in both 720p and 1080p video quality.

This is even better news for individuals with a GoPro camera since the gimbal on the Syma X8G was additionally made to hold a GoPro camera. The only drawback is that there is no FPV cabaility.

Otherwise, the Syma X8G has plenty of great features including headless mode, scheduled flight, a 6-axis gyro, and 360 degree eversion. What the Syma X8G really stands out for however, is its high-quality 8 megapixel camera, which is almost impossible to find at this price range.

  • Flying Time – 7 to 10 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 100 Meters
  • Charge Time – 200 Minutes


2. Syma X8HG Quadcopter

Syma X8HG DroneThe Syma X8HG drone is very similar to the Syma X8G, with a few exceptions. It has the same 8 megapixel camera attached to the gimbal, headless mode, 6-axis gyro, and 360 eversion.

What the Syma X8HG adds however, is an altitude hold mode, allowing your quadcopter to hover in the air on its own. This is especially beneficial for taking extra clear images and videos from the air and making the best out of the included 8 MP camera.

It also comes with 4 landing gears to safely and conveniently land your quadcopter, spare propellers, and even a free Steel Commander Helicopter as a free gift. It’s a wonderful quadcopter with great range that is offered in a glossy red instead of the silver on the Syma X8G. If you’re looking for an awesome Syma drone with all the extra accessories (and free gift), you’ll really enjoy having the Syma X8HG around!

  • Flying Time – 7 to 10 Minutes
  • Flying Distance – 100 to 150 Meters
  • Charge Time – 180 Minutes

1. Syma X8SW Quadcopter

Syma X8SW Drone ReviewPerhaps Syma’s best drone for 2018 is with the latest X8SW quadcopter. Despite its 720P HD camera, you will absolutely love the way the X8SW flies. Not only is it easy to fly, but it is one of Syma’s most durable and stable quadcopters. The LED lights also make this drone fantastic to look at. The gorgeous X8SW drone by Syma

Some features on the gorgeous X8SW by Syma include auto hovering mode, allow your drone to fly steady in its place. It is also Wifi ready and has a camera for recording all your favorite images and videos, as well as an FPV mode, which can be used on your phone. Images and videos can also be saved directly on your phone for later use.

Overall, the Syma X8SW is considered to be one of its better fliers in 2018 that offers a great sense of dependability. Great for beginners and experts alike the Syma X8SW offers an excellent control range and two speed modes to practice with. With 10 minutes of flight time, the X8SW is Syma’s best 2018 quadcopter.

  • Flying Time: 10 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 70 Meters
  • Charge Time: 90 Minutes

Hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10 best Syma drones & quadcopters. If you have any questions or need help with any one of these drones, please leave them in the comments below!

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