Top 5 Drones With VR Headset Compatibility

VR Headset Compatible Drones & Quadcopters

Virtual reality is a feature that is currently being used in many of today’s new drones. Because VR is still an emerging trend, there aren’t a whole lot of drones that are VR compatible. But there are a few we’d like to note.

While some of these drones and quadcopters may not be the best all-around quadcopters, we figured we’d let you in on the best ones to help you experience flying in virtual reality. VR compatibility is an amazing feature in and of itself and we know will only improve as time moves forward and as more innovation is brought into the scene of quadcopters. We’re glad to see that many companies are already beginning to incorporate these into their own drones.

Our most recommended VR compatible drones as you’ll see below are Force 1’s U818A and U45 Blue Jay drone, as well as DBPOWER’s UDI U818A drone that should not go amiss. The only one of these quadcopters in our list that actually includes a VR headset is Force 1’s U818A. All other quadcopters require a separate VR headset, which can be found and purchased on Amazon at a very reasonable price. Without further or due, here are our top 5 favorite drones with VR headset compatibility!


5. GoolRC X600 RC Hexacopter

The GoolRC X600 drone allows you to experience flying on a totally new level. The drone comes with a live camera video feed that records in 720p and is compatible with a 3D VR headset, that must be bought separately. With a 6-axis gyro flight control system, headless mode, and a throttle limiter, the GoolRC X600 is the perfect drone for beginners who want to get their feet wet with virtual reality. It’s a sleek looking drone with 4 speed modes with each battery giving you a nice 8 to 10 minute long flying time. We love the GoolRC X600 for the number of features tailored specifically to beginners and it’s ability to provide a fairly seamless flying experience.

GoolRC X600 Drone

4. UDI U818A Drone By Generic

Generic’s UDI U818A model is a beautifully and appropriately color-coded drone with just enough features to keep you occupied. In addition to is 2 megapixel HD camera is its VR headset compatibility, allowing you to easily sync your VR headset to your controller and bring your flight to real life. With its 2MP camera, you’ll be able to experience some awesome real-time views with your VR headset which can be viewed at an upgraded 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frame rates per second.

With a 6 to 9 minute flying time, Generic’s UDI U818A is a great contender. We would also like to mention that there have been some issues concerning defective motors in the Generic UDI U818A drone. So while it is not the best drone altogether, it can be an okay choice for those looking to experience flying their drone in virtual reality.

Generic's UDI U818A Drone

3. Force 1’s U45 Blue Jay Drone

The U45 Blue Jay quadcopter has included a plethora of features to keep you occupied with this drone. In addition to its VR headset compatibility, the U45 Blue Jay is capable of FPV real-time transmission, altitude hold, headless mode, a custom route mode, and one-button take off and landing. I also includes a 2 megapixel camera that can capture videos and images at 720 pixels and can be easily synced with your controller.

The quadcopter even includes an additional battery for longer flight time, as well as a power bank to keep your batteries charged wherever you go. What a smart and amazing addition. While the U45 Blue Jay does not have a return to home or pilot function, this is a drone that does not usually disappoint and one you will love it for its many capabilities!

U45 Blue Jay - VR Compatible

2. DBPOWER UDI U818A Drone

DBPOWER’s UDI U818A quadcopter is another one of our favorites here at QuadFlying because of its fun to fly nature and insane stability. It is easily one of the most durable drones on this list and comes fully assembled out of the box. With DBPOWER’s 720p HD and 30 FPS camera, you’ll get some pretty good visual clarity with both your VR headset and iPhone or Android smartphone device.

In terms of features, there is headless mode, return home function, and FPV real-time transmission. While it doesn’t include the altitude hold mode as seen in Force 1’s line, the DBPOWER UDI U818A is an amazingly reliable and durable drone that you won’t regret choosing. This is a drone that may have well just as easily topped our list on our top 5 VR headset compatible quadcopters!

VR Headset Compatible - DBPOWER

1. Force 1’s U818A WiFi FPV Drone

The U818A drone by Force 1 is one of our favorite drones for experiencing virtual reality because it’s an all-around amazing drone. It’s also the only drone in our list that actually comes with a VR headset – meaning no additional purchase VR headset purchase is necessary.

The extensive number of features on this drone make it perfect for beginners and experts alike. It’s got a custom route mode that allows you to create your own desire flight path. It has an altitude hold function that allows you to simply let your drone hover in the air, allowing you to get better aerial videos and shots and even includes headless mode making this drone appropriate for beginners.

With a 2 megapixel camera, we have no doubt that you will love your time with Force 1’s UDI U818A drone, whether it’s for virtual reality purposes or to simply enjoy a drone with multiple capabilities. There is no doubt that the Force UDI U818A tops our list for the best VR headset compatible drone out there today!


Force 1 U818A Drone

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