Top 7 Best Parrot Drones Of 2017

Unlike other drone brands and manufacturers, Parrots focus and emphasis isn’t on quantity, but on the quality of the few drones that it makes. In this list, we’ll be covering Parrots top 7 and most popular drone models for 2017. As we move up the price points, take into account the massive improvement in features and camera quality, Parrot implements. Across the board, we would like to  say that there hasn’t been a drone by Parrot that we found to perform under expectation.

While the Cargo MiniDrone wasn’t exactly the best outdoor flier, this could have been expected given its extremely low price point. Drones in the mid-level price range further seem to excel beyond the majority of comparable drones and quadcopters, while drones at the highest price points, surely are held to a much higher standard and competition with other forces like the DJI Phantom and the like. After reviewing this list however, you should see why Parrot has become such a well-known competitor in today’s competing drone industry, while hopefully spurring some of your own interest in Parrot’s latest offerings.



Airborne Cargo MiniDroneWith an above average 9 minute flying time, the Cargo MiniDrone is a wonderful performer to a degree. As one of Parrot’s cheapest drones of 2017, the Cargo Mini is one of Parrot’s most simple and minimalist quads you’ll come across. While it does have a low-resolution VGA camera, the quality here is nothing to boast about.

Its elaborate framework to its build gives the drone a smooth and stable flight, but there have been issues with flying this drone outside. You may find the Cargo MiniDrone to have a weaker resistance to wind, likely due to its extremely light-weight nature. It also seems to have a “mind of its own” at times, sometimes flying away from you. If you’re looking for your own Parrot drone that flies exceptionally well indoors, this will undoubtedly be a great fit. But for outdoor lovers, we’d recommend moving onto the Parrot Mambo, which we’ve found to be a nice step up from this one.

  • Flying Time: 9 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 65 Feet
  • Charge Time: 25 Minutes



Parrot Mambo DroneAs one of this years popular sellers and latest releases of 2016, the Mambo is a beauty, both inside and out. Its a wonderful surprise to see Parrot release a mini quadcopter of this magnitude at such a great price. It’s tough, elaborate, and more than ready to take on the skies. Its use of advanced sensors surpass those of the Cargo MiniDrone, allowing for a wonderfully stable and reliable flight.

You have two options for controlling and flying the Mambo. The first is with your smartphone & free flight mini app and second is with its FlyPad controller giving you 200 feet in transmission range. The drones most unique and distinguished controls are with its Grabber & Cannon, allowing you to grab cargo weighing up to 4 grams and shooting miniature balls up to 6 feet away; two revolutionary traits of the Parrot Mambo. While the Parrot Mambo doesn’t compare to some of its more expensive quadcopters, it’s definitely an overly well-performing drone at this price range.

  • Flying Time: 8 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 200 Feet
  • Charge Time: 30 Minutes



AR Drone 2.0 EditionNext up, we have what is considered to be Parrot’s UFO drone! Inclusive of 720p FPV for live stream viewing, the camera shoots at 30 FPS for smoother video quality. Great for beginners and experts alike, its ‘absolute’ control mode allows users to adjust their flying level from beginner to expert.  The 2.0 edition of the AR drone is truly a pleasure to fly with many upgraded features from the original.

With a lengthy 12 minutes of flight time and a long 165 foot transmission range, the AR drone 2.0 edition has plenty of utilities to keep you occupied. Videos, shot and recorded in a 1280×720 resolution, can be immediately shared on networks like YouTube and Picasa.

Despite some wind sensitivity, the drone is a great flier capable of hovering on its own and performing auto takeoffs and landings. This drone can additionally be fully repaired at any time by using many of the parts, accessories, and repair tools, offered by Parrot.

  • Flying Time: 12 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 165 Feet
  • Charge Time: 60 to 90 Minutes



AR Drone 2.0 Power EditionThe power edition is seen as a desirable step up from the standard 2.0 edition because it tacks on an additional 6 minutes of flying time. This is due to its use of its new high density lithium polymer battery increasing battery life up to 18 minutes (up from the 12 minutes on the original 2.0 edition).

The drone comes with two batteries in total giving you the potential to fly your AR drone for a total of 36 minutes at a time. All other specs and features between the power edition and standard are the exact same with the only difference being in its 1500mAh capacity battery and the fact it comes with a set of black, blue, and red propellers.


  • Flying Time: 12 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 165 Feet
  • Charge Time: 60 to 90 Minutes



AR Drone 2.0 Elite EditionThe second most popular drone in Parrot’s 2.0 series is its Elite Edition. Similar to the standard and power edition, the drone can be flown using an iOS, Android, or tablet. It uses the same 720p high-definition camera with FPV capability and the same absolute control piloting mode. It also has the absolute control flying mode allowing you to adjust your level of difficulty.

Unlike the power edition however, the 2.0 elite edition uses the same 1000mAh battery as the standard 2.0 edition, giving you only 12 minutes of flying time, as opposed to 18. The one and only distinctive feature with the Elite edition are the available camaflauge bodies, allowing you to choose from snow, jungle, and sand. It also comes with two black and two white propellers. Depending on what’s more important to you, there is the trade-off of a higher powered battery for a more appealing body. In essence, I wouldn’t say that one edition is better than the other. In this case, it’s all a matter of preference.

  • Flying Time: 12 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 165 Feet
  • Charge Time: 60 to 90 Minutes



Parrot Bebop DroneYou may have seen Parrot’s Bebop advertised once or twice before and that’s because of its amazing technological abilities. The Bebop is a trademark of Parrot and although, the first edition isn’t as good as the last, it’s still an awesome quadcopter to this day. Its the amazing flight performance and stability that truly allows this quadcopter to excel.

Coupled with a pretty awesome 14 megapixel camera, taking videos and images within its 180 degree view, its no wonder the Bebop has become such a well-established name in the media. Some of the images and videos taken with the Bebop will be the best you could experience with any 1080p camera. While it doesn’t have the 4K shooting abilities of drones at higher price points, the videos taken with this drone are of stunning quality, partially due to its full-digital image stabilization technology. As you can see, the camera and lens take up the majority of the Bebops body resulting in one of the best 1080p video drones you can buy.

In terms of features, the Parrot Bebop is embedded with a full-fledged GPS allowing you to not just plan your flights, but even control your drone on the map directly. You point where you want your drone to go, and it goes. As expected, the Bebop also has a return home function, allowing the drone to return to within 10 meters of altitude to its starting position. Parrot Cloud further enhances your experience with the Bebop by allowing you to store, share, and keep track of flight patterns, videos, and other navigational data. The Parrot Bebop is truly one high tech gadget and drone that can’t go amiss.

  • Flying Time: 12 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 250 Meters
  • Charge Time: 90 Minutes



Parrot Bebop 2This outstanding performer builds upon the original Bebop in a number of ways. Allowing you to experience flight in FPV, the Bebop 2 includes its own VR headset for a more immersive, 3d-flying experience.

With more than double the flight time on the original Bebop, the Bebop 2 allows you to fly both indoors and outdoors for ‘minutes’ on end. Both the Bebop and Bebop 2 use the same 14 megapixel, 1080p camera. They have the same GPS functionalities and 3d-axis digital stabilization system, without the use of a camera gimbal. The Bebop 2 also has an auto follow feature, allowing the drone to follow you using image recognition and your smartphones GPS.

The Bebop 2 is further distinguished from the original by its intuitive piloting and extra long range, its FPV & 3D VR capabilities, and double the amount of flight time. In addition, the Bebop 2 can be flown in several ways – Its first person view controller, sky controller, and with its FreeFlightPro WiFi app. Despite the absence of a few features on other high-priced quadcopters, the Parrot Bebop 2 is one of todays best, most amazing recent quadcopter releases, great for hobbyists and those looking for some pretty high-quality image quality.

  • Flying Time: 25 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 250+ Feet
  • Charge Time: 55 Minutes

What do you think of the Parrot brand as a whole and how have your experiences been with flying Parrot drones? Are there any models you prefer by Parrot? Please leave all your comments and input down below!

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