U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Quadcopter Review – Amazing Drone!

Product Description

Brand Name: Force1

Model: U45W Blue Jay

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-Axis

Flying Time: 7 to 8 Minutes (additional battery included!)

Flying Distance: 100 Meters (approx. 320 feet)

Where To Buy: Amazon.com



The U45 Blue Jay Quadcopter provides more value than we can ask for. Its extensive number of features including VR Headset Compatibility, Headless Mode, and WiFi FPV are only a few of the many features that showcase the latest innovation of today’s drones. This is a drone that was made for photographers, hobbyists, and beginners who’ve just entered today’s magnificent scene of quadcopters.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that the U45 Blue Jay rarely disappoints its flyers. The level of detail and precision in making this drone more reliable and durable than ever will allow you to rack up plenty of “flyer miles” onto this drone.

Yes, despite a camera that is only capable of 720p HD recording, the U45 Blue Jay drone is desirable for so many reasons. In this post, we’ll cover the many features, pros, and even minor drawbacks that make the U45 Blue Jay the drone that it is, today – amazing! 🙂


Dimensions & Specifications

The U45 Blue Jay quadcopter is considered to be a medium or average sized drone. Its measurements are 14.17 inches in length, 14.17 inches in width, and 4 inches in height. It’s a beautifully looking drone that comes in black with a very professional looking controller and included LED screen that is capable of connecting with your smartphone – iPhone & Android.

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Camera Capabilities

The U45 Blue Jay 2MP camera is tucked away neatly in the center of the drone with 720P high definition capable of shooting both images and videos from above. Included with the U45 Blue Jay is a 4GB SanDisk Micro SD Card for recording all your aerial videos and photos.

What’s great about the U45 Blue Jay’s camera is its use of a high 1280 x 720 resolution allowing for a much greater level of detail and visual affect with each shot being taken at 30 frame rates per second (FPS), minimizing both judder and shakiness in your videos. U45 Blue Jay camera

When compared to DJI Phantom 3’s 2.7K Video, or 2704 x 1520 resolution, we can confirm that the U45 offers some great camera and video capabilities for its price. In other words, the camera on the U45 Blue Jay is a perfect option for drone hobbyists, beginner flyers, and individuals who don’t necessarily need the most advanced footage a professional photographer would need.

You will, without a doubt, get some great aerial footage and shots when using the U45 Blue Jay. This is due to its above average use of a high FPS and upgraded resolution. Unfortunately, the U45 doesn’t provide a gimbal with the camera, like the DJI Phantom does.

However, there are features going for it that that help make the U45 Blue Jay the outstanding drone that it is. Its WiFi FPV Capability allows you to view and fly your drone in first person view. This can be done by simply attaching your iPhone to the controller, showing you exactly what the U45 Blue Jay is showing when in the air. But it doesn’t end there..

The U45 Blue Jay Drone steps this up a notch by including VR Headset Capability, giving you an opportunity like never before to see the entire surrounding of your drone almost as if you’re in the air. Of course, you’ll need a VR Headset in advance to use this feature. And, if you don’t have a VR Headset, not to worry because with the U45 Blue Jay, you can watch all your live video feeds right off your smartphone. The VR Compatibility is just another feature we’d love to see you experience!




Flight, Controls, & Durability

Last but not least, we have the actual flying of the U45 Blue Jay, which we would describe as wonderful. The most important feature of the U45 Blue Jay, for beginners especially, is its Headless Mode.

This mode is so key for allowing you to fly your drone without having to worry which way the head of the actual drone is facing. Headless Mode is thus, automatically able to tell in which direction you’re trying to fly the drone. So first-time users should definitely make sure to keep this feature on!

Altitude Hold is another wonderful and fantastic feature of the U45 Blue Jay, which I feel we only really see used in higher end drones. The altitude hold is a simple button that allows your drone to hover in the air and really do all the controlling itself. This gives you time to either relax for a minute or use the camera to begin taking as many image shots and videos you need. There really is nothing like being able to let your drone sit there and hover in the air!

The rest of the controls on the U45 Blue Jay further simplifies the overall flying experience. Unlike many lower end models or many of today’s mini drones, where you are required to almost perfect your take offs and landings, the U45 Blue Jay is advanced enough to take off and land on its own. This is a key feature, useful for beginners and those who care about keeping their drone in the best possible condition by allowing you to conveniently land your drone, instead of accidentally crashing.

The U45 Blue Jay has even implemented a highly advanced Custom Route mode, allowing you to set your desired path before you even fly it. This is especially useful for taking predetermined shots or images and really just being able to watch the U45 Blue Jay go off and do its own thing. When it comes to really enjoying your quadcopter and feeling the thrill of your controls, the U45 Blue Jay does not hold back. Its use of a 6-axis gyro for better stability and wind resistance will allow you to flip it performing both 360 degree flips and rolls in just about anyway you can imagine.


Pros Of The U45 Blue Jay Drone:

  • Great features overall.
  • VR Headset Capability.
  • Headless Mode, great for beginners.
  • FPV – First Person View Capable.
  • Ability to watch live feeds and video.
  • Records at 1280 x 720 resolution & 30 FPS.
  • Altitude Hold Feature.
  • Custom Route Mode.
  • Automatic Take-Offs & Landings.
  • Spare battery & power bank included for longer flying time (4x).
  • 100 Meter range on transmitter.
  • 6-Axis Gyro & 3D Flips!


Cons Of The U45 Blue Jay Drone:

  • No Return Home Function.
  • Not capable of 4K Video.
  • No gimbal on the camera so it can’t pivot.
  • Not the best drone for video footage in general.


U45 Blue Jay Drone Overview

Without any reservation, we recommend the U45 Blue Jay for over-delivering on value. The wonderful number of features and things you can do with this quadcopter, both now and in the future, will continually keep you occupied. This is a drone that should be taken care of.

It’s a drone that will allow you to admire everything there is about flying.. From being able to get those amazing aerial footages and photos in the sky to watching those footages being taken live is done with ease due to easy controls and its hand gripping features.

The ability to automatically take off and land is another feature you’re going to love providing you with a much needed level of comfort and convenience. The overall appeal of the U45 Blue Jay drone is there without a doubt and for its amazingly low price, you just can’t go wrong. The technology in this drone and additional VR Compatibility makes it one of today’s exceptional drones.

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12 Comments on "U45 Blue Jay WiFi FPV Quadcopter Review – Amazing Drone!"

  1. I believe that drones are pretty amazing, I am know seeing more of these. Back in the day when I was growing up it was helicopters and planes, but now it seems like drones is stealing the spot light. I am thinking of getting my son one of these for his present because I my self like how they operate especially with the video camera. I might even get me one for myself. I think that drones are neat.

    • Yes, drones are definitely pretty amazing! If you’re looking at buying the U45 Blue Jay, you definitely can’t go wrong. This drone offers a great bang for your buck, especially with is 720p camera. If you’re looking at getting some nice shots from the sky, the U45 Blue Jay should fit the bill pretty nicely 🙂

  2. This U45 Drone is certainly a good one. I don’t know much about drones but if I were to get one I may buy this one.
    Where do you purchase this drone? Also how much is it? I didn’t see a price or where to purchase it.
    I like the way this drone looks too. It has a very sleek and refined look to it.
    You mentioned the iphone. Is it compatible with Android phones also?

    • I would recommend getting the U45 Blue Jay from Amazon. Banggood.com is another great website/source for buying drones. I personally prefer Amazon just because of convenience and because they offer free shipping. The reason I didn’t include the price is because it’s always changing, but I’ll definitely add a link somewhere within my U45 review so you can check it out. The U45 Quadcopter is compatible with both iPhones and Androids!

  3. Vertical Veloxity | December 16, 2016 at 1:02 am | Reply

    Woe sweet. Wowwww. I just brought a drone a few weeks ago not knowing it was a drone. I love it my son loves my wife loves. It is super fun. But this drone makes my drone looks like a school science project.
    It has so many cool features. I have to upgrade my drone life. I have to grab this baby 🙂

    • No doubt Vertical! The U45 Blue Jay is an amazing drone that I hope you can also upgrade to in the future. Then you’ll be living the real drone life, lol!

  4. Hi Peter,
    I was wondering, is this the latest model in the Force 1 lineup? I am pretty impressed with the specifications on the U45. The range is pretty decent at 100 meters and fly time of up to 8 minutes is not bad. Myself, I fly the Phantom 4 Pro. It’s amazing how advanced these drones are getting isn’t it. Looking forward to your response.


    • Hi Jerome! Yes, the U45 Blue Jay and the U28W FPV drones are the two latest models in the Force1 lineup. I must say, I was very impressed with some of the features & specs included in both these models as well, especially with the VR Headset Compatibility.

      The only thing I wish these drones had were maybe a camera gimbal and an ability to shoot in 1080p or 4k, but I guess you can’t expect that in a drone of this price. That’s awesome you fly the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Must be amazing! 🙂

  5. Thanks Peter for such an awesome in depth review of quadcopter! It’s perfect timing that I found your review too leading up to Christmas.Hubby has been hinting that he neeeeds more toys (lol, seriously boys and their toys right!) I heard him talking the other night with a mate about how he’d love to get a drone so I figured I’d jump the gun and surprise him. I’m personally not into flying drones but after reading this review I reckon there might be a jostle to see who gets to fly it first! It looks amazing!
    Thanks again for a really great write up!
    Cheers -Amanda

    • Thanks for the great comment Amanda and am glad to see the information I provided could be of inspiration in one way or another. I know your husband is going to have a lot of fun flying whichever drone you choose to buy him. Just make sure he lets you fly it some of the time too 🙂

  6. patricia paiva | December 27, 2016 at 1:28 am | Reply

    We are having problems hooking up to phone please respond. It does not show up on phone.

    • Hi Patricia. First of all, are you using an iPhone or Android? Those are the two kinds of phones most compatible with the U45 Blue Jay. To connect your smartphone, make sure both WiFi and Bluetooth signals on your phone are set to on. Using the Bluetooth setting on your phone, you should find the U45 Blue Jay. From there you should be able to pair them together. If you’re still having trouble, contact USA toyz using this e-mail at support@usatoyz.com. Please let me know if that helps and feel free to send me additional information so I can help further, if need be!

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