UDI RC U839 Nano Review – Is This The Right Drone For You?

UDI RC U839 Nano Review

Product Overview

Brand Name: UDI RC

Model: U839UDI U839 Drone Review

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Flying Time: 7 Minutes

Flying Distance: 30 Meters

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The UDI U839 drone is available in four different colors – Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink! The nice thing about the UDI RC U839 is the fact it can be flown right out of the box. There is absolutely no setup required and because of this, I find makes a suitable toy for people of all ages. Many people love the UDI U839 because it’s small and very easy to fly.

One of my favorite aspects however, is the fact that despite being so miniature  you can fly it both indoors and outdoors. One thing I get asked a lot is whether flying the drone can destroy other objects in the house. That is not the case. Despite its fast speed, you can crash this into just about anything without any harm done.

Even the drone itself is very well protected with the outer propellor protector. And just like other drones in this category, it can be flown for almost up to 10 minutes. If that’s not long enough, you can easily purchase some additional batteries off Amazon for some longer flying time.

How Big Is It?

The UDI U839 is much smaller than many of the drones out there. Coming in at just 3.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches long, this drone can almost fit into the palm of your own hands. The weight is very light as well, coming in at only half a pound. Despite this drone’s small size, you will be so surprised when you see how high it can go.

I literally flew it above my house and over to the other side. Thankfully, it didn’t get stuck into the gutters! Also, that’s another thing to watch out for when flying your UDI U839. Because of its small size the wind can sometimes take hold of it, so its best to make sure you’re flying it in open space so doesn’t get stuck in a tree.

I also enjoyed flying this drone indoors however. It made for some absolute fun and would recommend it to anyone looking to control something in the air from anywhere in their house!

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Flights, Durability, & Controls

The reason I really have an admiration for miniature drones like the UDI U839 is not only because of the flexibility in terms of where it can be flown, but because of the flying itself. There’s nothing more fun to me than making this drone flip in all sorts of ways from your very own desk chair.

In-fact I usually use my UDI U839 when taking a break from work in the office. It’s given me something to look forward to and it just never gets old. It’s really surprising how fun these things are.

The mere challenge of trying to accomplish different tricks can really use up your time. I’m always looking to improve on my flying skill set and I think that’s another reason that makes this so enjoyable. In regards to expertise level, I think that the UDI U839 quadcopter is near perfect for beginners. I believe the small size as well as your ability to fly indoors gives you better control of how to fly a drone.

My number one favorite aspect of all is the durability. I’ve flown drones that I’ve broken on the very first day it arrived in the mail. But in the case of the UDI U839, I could fly this thing all day, crash it into as many objects as I wanted, without a single scratch. I’ve also experienced things like motor failure in other larger drones, which makes the UDI U839 that much more reliable.

UDI U839 RC Drone Overview

If you have yet to get a drone, get the UDI U839. This thing is perfect to get your hands on for your first or second drone. You’ll grow much better accustomed to how these things actually fly as well as gauge your interest into whether you enjoy flying drones. For a price of $27.99, you just can’t go wrong!

All in all, the UDI U839 is capable of doing many of the tricks available with larger drones. Sure there might not be a camera or a GPS, but not everyone needs that in their first drone. If you’re looking for some pure enjoyment and a drone that will literally last a lifetime, simply said the UDI U839 is a perfect way to go.

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  1. Alojamiento | May 29, 2016 at 1:09 pm | Reply

    I personally think it’s pretty fun, but yeah, $20 would be more tempting for something gimmicky like that. I have the UDI U830 and will be reviewing it soon, btw.

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