UDI RC U845 Quadcopter Drone Review

Product Description

Brand: UDIUDI RC U845 Review

Model: RC U845

Gyro: 6-axis

Channel: 4CH

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Flying Time: 6 to 9 minutes

Flying Distance: 50 to 80 meters

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The UDI RC U845 drone has one of the most unique quadcopter appearances you will ever find. Powered by six separate propellers, this drone feels, looks, and flies like a dream. With all the necessary features, the UDI RC U845 is capable of some amazing flight. While there are a few things holding back the UDI RC U845 from reaching its utmost potential, this drone has still become a top selling quad for good reason.

The inclusion of a camera, excellent video quality, and a design that will keep your eyes peeled to the sky makes the UDI U845 definitely worth your attention. In this review we’ll be weighing out all the pros and cons of the U845. More importantly, we’ll do our best in easing your decision process to help you get a feel of whether this drone is the right one for you.

One of the most attractive features of all with the UDI U845 is its unreal and nearly breathtaking appearance when flying it in the sky. It’s like a little UFO capable of lighting up at night with its amazingly luminescent LED lights. It is safe to say that the UDI RC U845 is very distinguished from most of the drones we’ve seen released this year.

If you’re looking for something unique and is able to separate itself from the crowd of drones out there today, then maybe, the UDI U845 is the one you’ve wanted all along.


Specs & Dimensions

Perhaps the most important piece of information regarding the UDI U845 drone are its overall specifications. We know that it uses six awesome propellers to keep its flight more stable and secure while in the air.

But what else should we know about the UDI U845? Well it’s a fairly small drone for starters. It’s not a miniature drone by any means, but its size does come in a bit below average. Exact measurements are 8.3″ in length, by 8.3″ in width, and 3.4″ in height. What we liked was having that equal size in measurements in both width and length, making the resemblance of a true UFO.

The drone’s battery has also got a very long charge time at about 120 minutes with a battery run time of 6 to 9 minutes, which was pretty good. Luckily the U845 comes with a spare battery, which you can easily replace for a longer flight time. One of our main gripes with the UDI U845 drone was its fairly short transmission range of 50 to 80 meters when the average range of a drone at this price could easily reach 100 meters.

Besides a long charge time and a somewhat weak transmission range, dimensions and specs on the UDI U845 were pretty good overall.

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One thing that truly stands out about the UDI U845 is its high definition camera giving you two video recording modes capable of both 640 x 480 and 1280 x 960 HD resolutions. Its HD WiFi camera will give you access to real-time video transmission using your iPhone or Android smartphone. The one drawback to the UDI U845 camera is that you can only record videos from 30 meters away, which doesn’t exactly cover a ton of distance, but just enough to give you those shots from high above.


UDI RC U845 Review


Flight, Controls, & Durability

While the UDI RC U845 doesn’t have a ton of features to keep you occupied as say the U45 Blue Jay does, it’s still a very enjoyable flight. The inclusion of a camera at this price point also helps make up for not having a ton of features. One thing to note is that its 6-axis gyro and unique placement of 6 propellers will give your drone plenty of power and stability while in the air.

It even has a one touch return home function, which we found to be very useful. Headless mode, which is simply perfect for beginners, will allow your drone to orient itself in the air without you ever having to worry about the direction you’re flying it in. You also have a one-press button that allows the drone to perform 360 degree air rolls in the air. Those are it as far as features go, which isn’t bad at all and a bit more than we expected.

The transmission itself is small, but is capable of holding either an iPhone or Android smartphone. The inclusion of a lens hood and LED screen will keep your eyes glued to your phone when working in real-time video transmission. When it came to durability of the overall drone, there were a few issues. Motors and propellers falling out of place seem to be a common and recurring issue, but could many of the times, be easily replaced.



  • Amazing, unique UFO appearance with 6 propellers.UDI RC U845 Review
  • Inclusion of an HD Camera.
  • Headless mode feature.
  • LED lights make it look great in the night sky.
  • Real-time video transmission.
  • Good battery life.
  • 360 degree flip mode.



  • Low transmission & FPV range.
  • Long battery charge time (120 min.)
  • Issues with durability when crashing.



Yes, the UDI U845 has its cons, but it’s also important to note that no drone out there today is perfect. The more you improve your skills as a drone pilot, the less issues you’re going to have. With that said, many of us are far from perfect fliers and if you’re worried that your skills might not yet be up to par and you don’t want to ruin your drone upon impact, maybe the UDI U845 isn’t your best bet. If you’re flying skills are honed and up to par, the UDI U845 will certainly be a good choice.

Despite a 2 hour long batter charge time, you will like the fact the drone does come with a spare battery. With a fully charged battery, you should easily get about 8 minutes in flying time, which is just about right. The only other thing to really take into consideration is its low transmission range.

Otherwise, it really is a great drone with an amazing appearance that you will love flying. Ease of use and a great price are really whats made the UDI U845 drone all the more attractive among its fliers!


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