Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter Review- Worth The Price Tag?

Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter


Product Overview

Brand Name: Walkerawalkera scout x4 review

Model: Scout X4

Frequency: 5.8 GHz

Channel: 12CH

Gyro: 3-axis

Flying Time: 25 Minutes

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The Walkera Scout X4 drone is loaded with a number of impressive features, but one thing that impressed me most was its 25 minute flying time! This is by far one of Walkera’s most innovative drones yet to be released and is best geared towards those who already have some expertise when it comes to flying drones. Not only does it have great build quality and durability but really has all the features one could ever need in a drone.. In a few words, it’s like an all-inclusive resort for drones!

With features like a GPS, built-in FPV, and even its own bluetooth receiver, one could argue that its price tag is well worth it. On the other hand, a few people have experienced poorer than average functionality and have even broke their Walkera Scout X4 drone during flying. Although, I have not personally experienced this myself, it is something to consider despite the low number of complaints.

All in all, it seems that the Walkera Scout X4 is really one of those love or hate relationships. This review will hopefully give you a better idea if it is a drone you’re ready to spend your hard-earned money on. First, let’s go over the size of this Walkera before we get into its pretty awesome features.

Dimensions & Specifications

I found that the Walkera Scout X4 quadcopter was nearly perfect in size. I usually like my drones not too big and not too small. It comes in at about 13 inches long and 13 inches wide, so a little over a foot. The weight is a bit heavy. Coming at approximately 5 pounds, its flight was still nearly excellent.

All in all, my favorite aspect of this drone is definitely its sleek design. You’ll be surprised how well this drone will impress others just by how fancy it looks. It really is a beauty!

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Camera & Quality

The first thing that amazed me about the camera was its functionality. It can be turned on or off while in the sky and you can even move around the camera gimbal up and down. The camera uses iLook+, which equates to some amazing 1080p HD quality. A type of quality that can be seen as rare in the majority of today’s drones.

walkera scout x4 - Google Search 2015-07-09 16-00-21

If you’re looking for a quadcopter that can take amazing pictures and video with ease, you may want to consider the Walkera Scout X4. It’s even being used by many professional photographers for sports events and the like. It comes with an additional 5 inch monitor on the transmitter so you can take real live video feed.

Flight, Controls, & Durability

Overall, the Walkera Scout X4 is a very advanced drone. From features to FPV to waypoint mission planning, it’s no surprise that most drone enthusiasts have switched from the Walkera Scout X4 TransmitterParrot AR drone to the Walkera Scout. While it is more expensive, the features are rich and much more extensive.

The First Person View feature is something we only see in todays more expensive drones. Some have low quality FPV, but when it comes to the Walkera Scout X4 its FPV feature is touted as one of the most professional on the market.

The FPV can be usedย up to 128 various pre-planned mission points. Not only can the FPV be used on the transmitter itself, but on your iPhone or iPad itself for even more convenience.

Simply stated, the Walkera Scout X4 flies great. It has its own retractable carbon fiber landing gear, which makes landing soย smooth. It uses the Devo F12E 12 channel transmitter which is just awesome and I love the amazing quality of these videos. But the best aspect of all, might just be its 20 minutes of flying time.. Possibly one of the lengthiest flying times on the market. All in all, the Walkera Scout X4 is a reliable and highly enjoyable drone that you can’t go wrong with!

Walkera Scout X4 Features

  • Waypoint Mission Planning (Up to 128 routes)
  • Flight Destination Through Phone or Tablet
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Real Time Telemetry Monitoring
  • One Key Return To Home
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Waypoint Circling
  • Failsafe Return To Home
  • Devo F12E 12 Channel Transmitter
  • G-3D Brushless Gimbal
  • iLook+ With 1080P Video (shot at 30fps)

Walkera Scout X4 Overview

The Walkera Scout X4 might just be one of my favorite GPS drones on the market. It is powerful, elegant, and stable and very easy to travel with it’s silver aluminum case. Drone enthusiasts and photographers are going to love using the Walkera Scout X4. The only thing I wish the Walkera Scout X4 featured is a gimbal that could move left and right for the camera. Other than that, the Walkera Scout X4 is excellent in just about every aspect!

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17 Comments on "Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter Review- Worth The Price Tag?"

  1. Wow this things pretty awesome!
    Can you explain how the failsafe return to home works?
    I bet this thing gets some pretty amazing pictures, do you think it would be to loud for taking pictures of wildlife also? I live in a very rural area and I think this would be pretty awesome for my photography of the local deer and bear when I see them a good ways off, just fly up and take some pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Great question Sheena and sure thing. The failsafe return to home feature works so that the Walkera drone finds its way back to your home in case there is any signal loss. Pretty cool, right! You can definitely hear the Walkera Scout X4 drone, but I don’t think it would be too loud! It’s up in the sky too so I don’t think it would have too much of an affect scaring them away. But that is such a wonderful idea for using the Walkera Scout X4. You could take some really amazing wildlife pictures and video!

  2. That’s a great toy for men Peter! I bet my son would like to have this. And his wishlist for Santa will be added with the Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter.

    These drones where today in the news here, someone was flying one in the nearness of Schiphol, that’s quite dangerous. He was shooting a movie from taking off and landing aircrafts.

    Now they want to write some official restrictie rules for places where they can’t be used. And I can’t blame them. It’s quite reckless to fly these things around airports. When I watch funniest home videos, there can go many things wrong.

    I live in the Netherlands, also known as the “paperland”, when there are to much incedents, I bet you need a fly brevet in no time;)
    We’ll wait and see….


    • Awesome Loes! I love the Walkera Scout X4 and think it would be a great gift for just about anyone! I’ve seen drones on the news quite a lot lately myself. That’s pretty cool he was shooting a movie, but you’re definitely right. They can get a bit dangerous depending on where they’re being flown. So far, so good though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, I must say that so far this drone site is one of the best ones I am leaving a comment for. Very nice layout and great reviews! I like how you break down this Walkera Scout review and really describe the product in full detail. This really makes me want to get one of my own! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kenya Lassiter | July 30, 2015 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    My husband is a professional photographer. He has been looking at drones that he can purchase for his photography business. You provided some great information that I can share with him. This may be a great investment that can help grow his business. I have a 15 year old son. I think he would love this quadcopter also.

    • I can’t agree more Kenya. The picture quality in the Walkera Scout X4 is second to none. I’ve seen them being used by professional photographers everywhere, even in weddings, so I can’t imagine how well this could help grow your husbands business. Don’t do it just to spoil your son however, only teasing.. He would love the Walkera without a doubt ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow this drone looks amazing (price-tag is hefty though). However I am looking for information on drones that can be used for filmmaking and getting beautiful sky-zoom out and zoom in shots. Would you recommend this model? Is the picture true 1080p or just very close to it? I’ve seen other models that say something equates to 1080p but not actually have the best picture. Thanks for the info though!

    • Haha yeah, the price tag on the Walkera Scout X4 is definitely hefty! Isn’t it funny how you can literally find a drone for only $20 and then come across something like the Walkera that costs over a grand! But of course, I would recommend this model in a heartbeat if its something you can afford.

      You bring up another great question Alex. The picture is truly 1080p, but I know what you mean. Lots of quadcopters these days tend to claim even 720p quality only to find out that’s not the case. Usually that’s only seen in the lower end models however. The Walkera Scout is perfect for filmmaking. If you’re looking for something cheaper, my next recommendation would have to be the Blade 350 QX3 (around $399, without the camera).

  6. Hello Peter,
    That is an amazing piece of machinery!! I don’t have any experience with flying drones but your article makes me want to give it a try. I used to fly airplanes on a string way back in the day. Things sure have gotten sophisticated these days. I really like the way your lay out your review. Very organized and easy to read through. It was very easy to get a handle on the key features and usability of the drone. Best of luck with your business.

    • No way! You were a pilot? That’s great. Yeah crazy how we can now pilot our own drones right from the ground. It has been an impressive run to say the least and you’ve got to love how these videos turn out. Glad this review was an easy read for you Rick and I appreciate you dropping by some feedback!

  7. Hi Peter!

    I must say that it is a drone in a completely different quality than the one I bought with my son. Our camera can only record so we can see what we have filmed. on the computer when the country. We also only effective flight time of 10 minutes. It really is a toy we have a lot of fun. Now, not all the places we have to fly over our. There are rules here for where you must shoot. But here you show the Walkera Scout X4 can certainly be used for professional purposes. You will easily be able to reach to fly well over a field with this drone and would be great for photography.


    • Yeah Steen, well what that means in regards to the camera is it doesn’t provide FPV, or first person view. This allows you to watch the drone from the camera from the transmitter itself and is a pretty awesome feature. The flight time on your drone is actually not bad at all. Ten minutes is great!

      Glad you’re enjoying your quadcopter with your son. They definitely make for a good hobby, especially when you’re with family. And yes, the Walkera Scout X4 has multiple uses in that it can be flown by professional photographers and drone hobbyists. Thanks for dropping by Steen. If you have a chance, I’d love to know what drone model you have!

  8. hey this site will be great for my brother he is really motivated into filming and would find this film really usefull I will tell him about it and will also be checking your latest posts to check on your work, keep it up this site is really useful and by the way you explain things I can tell you are really knowledgable

  9. Great review! Yes I agree that this is one amazing drone, and all the features it comes with make it a real “wanted model”. I did some research on this one, and found out that, beside the fact the ILook provides great footage, if you want, you can also choose the GoPro package as well.

    But, that is not the news that got me excited as the fact that if you need a more professional filming equipment, the drone is quite capable of carrying equipment heavier than the action cam, and that the X8 is capable of doubling its carrying capacity to about 750g and it has the Sony RX100 gimbal with HMI converter. So you can add a camera that is within that payload capacity.

    • Thanks for sharing this great and helpful information Alice. I know that the type and size of the camera plays a huge role for professional film-makers and drone enthusiasts alike. I personally prefer the GoPro over the ILook as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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