XIRO Xplorer Drone Review


One drone that recently got my attention is the XIRO Xplorer. I’m not sure if it was the appearance of the drone or its “follow me” feature that caught my eye first. But whatever it was, I knew the XIRO Xplorer was worth a second look. There are three versions of the XIRO Xplorer – standard, Xplorer V, and Xplorer G. Today we’ll mostly be looking at the Xplorer V, while also making a few comparisons. Version V and G are the two versions that include a camera. Having a camera to me is one of the most important accessories to have in a drone and I think really helps improve your overall flying experience. Drone’s were meant to shoot images and videos after all, especially when it comes to exploring your nearest terrain!

There are several features I want to look at with the XIRO Xplorer and I also think its globally recognized design should not be overlooked. Everything from its body to the camera and propellers are unique in its own sense. But possibly, one of my favorite aspects of the XIRO Xplorer is its highly innovative smart remote control. With my drones, I prefer simplicity and easy to use controls, which I think the XIRO Xplorer gets spot on. In many ways, the intuitive transmitter design of the XIRO Xplorer gives you that kind of Apple feel, almost as though I’m holding something high-tech and elegant, but simple at the same time.

XIRO Xplorer Drone Review


Before getting into the features and details, lets look at the specs of the XIRO Xplorer. Things like flying time, transmission distance, and charge time all play a very important role in your experience with the drone and I think the XIRO Xplorer does a great job of adding its 5200mAh capacity battery. Not to mention, that it also comes with a much needed spare.

Flying time on the XIRO Xplorer can be described as very good, managing up to 25 minutes in airtime per charge. Transmission is also excellent with a 500 meter transmission range and charge time is only 30 to 40 minutes. The standard version of the XIRO Xplorer, which does not include a camera and gimbal is capable of a very long 1000 meter transmission range.

In a way, it’s a good trade-off if what you need is a solid 1080P, FPV capable camera in your drone. For those who want a GoPro Hero ready mount, you’ll want to go with the G version of the XIRO Xplorer instead. Specs on all three versions of the XIRO Xplorer can further be described as very strong.

Version V Specs:

  • Flying Time: 25 Minutes
  • Charge Time: 30 to 40 Minutes
  • Flying Distance: 500 Meters

XIRO Xplorer Drone


The camera on the XIRO Xplorer is 1400 megapixels and capable of shooting video and images at 1080P at 30 frame rates per second. It’s a very modest camera and for those who don’t mind the ultra HD 4k, will love the way this camera performs. As expected, version V of the XIRO Xplorer includes an FPV, or first person view function allowing you to watch and record video in real-time transmission.

In an open area, you have a max transmission range of 500 meters, which is an excellent range in my opinion. FPV compatibility further requires an IOS version of 8.0 or above, or Android version of 4.4 or above. Luckily, the gimbal on the camera is not fixed, meaning it can be controlled both horizontally and vertically with its 3-axis stabilized gimbal technology.

Photos taken from the sky can further be wirelessly downloaded onto your smartphone and uploaded online. The gimbal on the V version does not include a GoPro mount, while the G version of the XIRO Xplorer does. Hence, if you purchased the G version, you would be able to attach and mount your own GoPro camera, such as the HERO3 and HERO4 cameras.



There are several important and notable features to note with the XIRO Xplorer V. The first is its “Return Home” feature, which allows the XIRO to return back to its pilot at the push of a button. This feature is critical for when your drone is about to run out of battery. And, whenever your drone loses connection for any reason, the “Return Home” function is automatically activated, returning home on its own and without any kind of signal from your part.

The drone also has a GPS Mode function, which allows the drone to hover and adjust its position in a 0.5 meter vertical and 1.5 meter horizontal range. This is a great feature for whenever you need the drone to capture stable surrounding images or video. GPS Mode also allows you to set up to 16 preset locations for automatic air flight.

One of my favorite features, “Follow Me” allows the drone to follow your very footsteps without you having to do any controlling of your own. This is great if you’re ever out traveling. Similar to this feature is the “Circle Around Me” function, which can be fun to play around with and even show off, but isn’t the most practical or useful feature.

Despite the higher price on the XIRO Xplorer V, it’s a good quadcopter for novice and expert users, who know their way around flying a quadcopter and don’t necessarily need a headless mode for proper orientation. There are three control setting modes to help you control the speed and ease of flying. Maximum speeds capable by the XIRO Xplorer is 8 meters per second.

XIRO Xplorer Transmitter


One thing you’ll find with the XIRO Xplorer V is that the drone comes with an assortment of accessories and everything you need to begin assembling your drone upon arrival. This includes the actual drone, its innovative remote control, 2 sets of propellers, and tools like a wrench, screwdriver, and screw pack. It also comes with 4 landing gear packs, which is perfect for your everyday drone landings.

Accessories related to the battery include 2 smart flight batteries, a charger, power adapter, power cord, USB cable, EU adapter, SAA adapter, and UK adapter, giving you absolutely everything you need to make charging as convenient as possible.Camera accessories additionally include one vision gimbal, a lens filter, range extender, and 4 vibration absorbers used to minimize wind-caused vibration when taking images and video.

All in all, if you’re considering the XIRO Xplorer V, I would say that this is definitely a satisfying drone with a good number features and excellent camera and FPV function to spend your time with. Have any questions regarding the latest XIRO Xplorer drone? Let’s hear them down below!

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